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Spiritual Podcaster, Wayshower, Voice for Love, and Folk Singer

TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WANT A BETTER LIFE AND A BETTER WORLD — Would you like to spiritually awaken easily and rapidly so you can be and feel more alive, powerful, creative, abundant, at peace, and fulfilled? Would you like to participate in helping the world become a better place?

Back in 1993 I was a contented atheist who didn't think about spirituality. One day I had a very unusual event occur. I knew immediately that it was beyond coincidence, that it was the universe getting my personal attention with the message that I needed to wake up to an inner world and a higher purpose. That put me on the path of spiritual exploration and awakening.

Since then I've had many awakening experiences in which I've gained new insights and found great love, peace, joy, and meaning in life. Near the end of 2023, after hosting my Our Spiritual Life podcast for nearly 4 years, I've had a calling to create a new podcast focused on helping people awaken more easily and rapidly and find a truly joyful life. Moreover, I have been told by the divine voice within me that I am ready to be a "wayshower".

New Ways of Being is my answer to that calling. It is all about helping you awaken and operate in new and more powerful and rewarding ways of being in your life and in the world. The episodes will offer guidance to help you learn about new ways of being and how to actually experience them and put them into daily practice - as easily and rapidly as possible. This will always be based on my experience or the experiences of other trusted persons. As a wayshower, I am not a teacher of a fixed set of rules and techniques, I am exploring and experimenting, and leading the way towards a desired new way of being, then sharing what I've learned with others.

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Every person has infinite potential within them. You probably know – or more correctly feel – deep down, that these claims are true but you've not yet unlocked the secrets or insights for yourself in ways that can be experienced in your own life. But, wouldn't you love to experience life as a joyful and grand adventure?

I invite you to listen or watch the New Ways of Being podcast, and let me know what you think. It dives into these new ways of being with the goal of helping listeners understand and actually experience them. It is a spiritual and practical exploration of how to live more consciously, creatively, and joyfully. And we now know that it doesn't have to take years or a lifetime. Awakenings can happen in minutes, or days, or weeks. But awakenings are never an end of the journey, they are steps upward on the journey, and each step moves us to a higher level of consciousness and being.

And New Ways of Being will also include a community in which you can interact with me and other community members in chat discussions and attend community events via Zoom, and other supporting content and resources will be made available. This will enable mutual participation in new ways of being and sharing in the learning process, because it will sometimes be new to all of us. So we can share about our experiences and learn and grow together as friends who support each other.

So check out my new podcast and choose to become someone who is expanding their consciousness, finding more joy in life, and making a positive difference! New Ways of Being is now available on most podcast directories. The link below will connect you to the podcast website which can be found at Check the podcast website out... It allows you to leave comments about the episodes (if you use the Podbean app), and it provides links to the videos on my YouTube channel. On the website, you can also become a patron at a level that works for you.

Expand Your Consciousness,

Expand Your Life

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You Get More of What You Are, Not What You Want


Contrary to popular belief

Some people think that being spiritual and being practical are two totally different things, but that simply is not true. Over the years, I learned that as a person grows spiritually it can enable wonderful life changes in all aspects, including success and abundance – and that's because your spiritual self is the core of who you really are.

Hi, I’m Raymond Posch, and I am a long-time spiritual explorer, author, and podcaster. I am someone who has been a seeker of greater wisdom and the experience of being in touch with my true self and knowing my true purpose in my life on Earth.

I've learned much and grown personally and spiritually, and I have had insights, expanded energy, and awakenings. I am living from a place of love and peace. But, it's definitely NOT all been easy. Spiritual development has it's ups and downs, and like many (or most) spiritual seekers, I've had long periods in which I have struggled, feeling lost or disconnected from divine spirit, or feeling like I'm not really growing at all – stuck in a holding pattern. 

Now I've learned that spiritual growth and awakening is often not a smooth progression, it is stepwise. We can be stuck or blocked because we haven't yet stepped up to bigger changes at the next level of spiritual being. Or much worse, and this has happened to me as well, it seems to take a big life crisis, or even a "Dark Night of the Soul" type of experience, before surrendering to the higher power or opening up to a big change. In my case, I had business failures and a financial crisis and saw myself as a total failure before I fully called on God to help me turn around and trust more in that greater power. That led to me a big awakening and spiritual breakthrough.

My spiritual story is a bit unusual, because I was non-spiritual and in fact an atheist for many years during and following college. But in the mid-1990s, a spiritual event happened to me and totally got my attention. I felt that the Universe was telling me that there was much that I needed to learn because I had a spiritual purpose that I had not yet realized. And that resulted in my getting very heavily into spiritual exploration that continues today.

My interest in spirituality and my desire to fully awaken have not lessened over the years. I am a well-established spiritual podcaster who shares what I have learned with my audiences. On Our Spiritual Life (my older podcast), I have published many conversations with other people who are spiritual teachers or coaches who have learned knowledge and skills applicable to spiritual and personal growth and shared their knowledge through what they do, through my podcast, and through other means.

When you develop or improve your spiritual self, you automatically improve your practical self because it makes you better in your approach to life, in all of your relationships, in your creativity, in enjoying life, and in being more successful in the art of living.

It is absolutely vital to consider both the spiritual and practical aspects of life. And I personally do that independent of any religion or specific spiritual practice, although I have definitely learned much from a number of specific teachers. Everyone is on their own path, and every path is unique to the individual.

One of the amazing things I've learned – in the past few years – is that spiritual awakening does not have to be a long, drawn-out process. You can actually awaken quickly and easily. And that awakening can give you a powerful shift in understanding that can change your life in an instant! Of course, there will always be new insights to be gained and higher levels of consciousness to be attained. And expanded awareness always gives us more that we can experience in life.

In everything I do, I am a voice for love and wholeness because I've learned that turning away from fear (and the separation that causes it) and turning instead to expanding love and oneness is key to individual awakening and the collective evolution of mankind. I also am a folk singer, primarily for seniors in senior living facilities, because I want to share with them the joys of love and music - especially old songs they remember from their youth.