Spiritual Explorer and Podcaster, Voice for Love, and Folk Singer

TO ALL SPIRITUAL SEEKERS — Are you ready to explore a brand new world of awakening, living more true to our Oneness, and evolving in consciousness?

Every person is a part of Divinity, yet very few of us know how to behave as if that were true. But here is a powerful secret... If we actively step into that part of our self which is already awakening and evolving, we will discover that life is intended to be enjoyed, embraced, shared, and experienced as a grand adventure!

I invite you to join me in a private soundcast called Evolution Unfolding: Awakening to Our Divinity that dives into the real-life process of awakening. It is a spiritual exploration into living more consciously, creatively, and joyfully.

And Evolution Unfolding also includes a community in which we can mutually participate in the process of awakening and living our Oneness. It is a place where it is safe to share your spirituality, learn from the experience of others, and allow a step-by-step evolution of consciousness to happen.

Join us and begin to experience your own evolution unfolding!


Contrary to popular belief

Some people think that being spiritual and being practical are two totally different things, but that simply is not true. Over the years, I learned that as a person grows spiritually it can enable wonderful life changes in all aspects, including success and abundance – and that's because your spiritual self is the core of who you really are.

Hi, I’m Raymond Posch, and I am a long-time spiritual explorer, teacher, and podcaster. I am someone who has been a seeker of greater wisdom and the experience of being in touch with my true self and knowing my true purpose in my life on Earth.

I've learned much and grown personally and spiritually, and I have had insights, expanded energy, and awakenings. I am living from a place of love and peace. But, spiritual development has it's ups and downs, and like most spiritual seekers, I have had times in which I have struggled, feeling disconnected from spirit or lost, or feeling like I'm not really growing at all – stuck in a holding pattern because I hadn't yet stepped up to bigger changes at the next level of spiritual development.

My spiritual story is a bit unusual, because I was non-spiritual and in fact an atheist for many years during and following college. But in the mid-1990s, a spiritual event happened to me and totally got my attention. I felt that the Universe was telling me that there was much that I needed to learn because I had a spiritual purpose that I had not yet realized. And that resulted in my getting very heavily into spiritual exploration that continues today.

My interest in spirituality and my desire to fully awaken have not lessened over the years. I am a well-established spiritual podcaster and radio talk show host who shares what I have learned with my audiences. And through those platforms, I publish conversations with other people who are spiritual teachers or coaches who have learned knowledge and skills applicable to spiritual and personal growth.

When you develop or improve your spiritual self, you automatically improve your practical self because it makes you better in your approach to life, in all of your relationships, in your creativity, in enjoying life, and in being more successful in the art of living.

It is absolutely vital to consider both the spiritual and practical aspects of life. And I personally do that independent of any religion or specific spiritual practice, although I have definitely learned much from a number of specific teachers. Everyone is on their own path, and every path is unique to the individual.

I also am a voice for love and wholeness because I've learned that turning away from fear (and the separation that causes it) and turning instead to expanding love and oneness is key to individual awakening and the collective evolution of mankind.