How to Know God

Photo of Ray Posch standingHi, I’m Raymond Posch. I'm a long-time spiritual explorer, and this year I've had some remarkable spiritual experiences that I would like to tell you about.

I had been looking for a new job in IT project management for months but without success – and there was a reason for that. I was really thinking that I would prefer to do something else that could make a bigger difference in the world.

In the past, I've received "messages" from the Universe (God) that I thought spoke to my purpose, but I had now reached a point where I no longer had clarity about what I was supposed to do next.

One day I stopped and reached out to God, and asked sincerely and honestly "What is my purpose at this time?"

And the answer I received immediately and clearly was "Your purpose is to know God and help others know God". This was not an answer that I had expected, but in fact, I had a strong certainty that it was God’s voice that I heard. But God has always been somewhat mysterious, so I definitely wanted to know God much more intimately - directly and personally.

What I really needed and wanted now was a two-way conversation with God so I could ask God questions and get clarification. But I decided to write to God as a way of focusing my thoughts – not as a letter but recording both sides of the dialog – as I attempted to keep my mind totally silent and receptive to God's replies. And this time, I thought I knew how to tune in to God's voice.

The conversation that then transpired was absolutely stunning to me, and I knew by the end of it that my life had changed and would continue to change in ways I was only beginning to glimpse.

Let me share with you here a short portion of my first real two-way conversation with God...

"Dear God, how do I know if the words I hear in my mind are from you or from my own imagination?"

"Dear Ray, listen carefully to me now... You can know it is God's words if you hear them in your heart."

[The heart is connected to the soul, and luckily that is exactly what I was doing (listening from my heart) when I sat down to initiate this conversation.]

"Did you want me to stop looking for a job? I've had the feeling that you think I should do something else."

"Yes, I want you to be of service to other people instead. And know that the money will come to you."

"I am definitely willing. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to learn to converse with Me, to ask Me anything, and make sure you are clear about My answers. I want you to know you are always loved and cared about deeply."

"Thank you. I want to learn that too. What else do you want me to do?"

"I want you to teach others how to communicate with Me as well. I want all My children to know they are always loved."

The conversation went on much longer. Since then, I have had frequent conversations with God about how to carry out my purpose and how to know God, about my life in general, and asking questions about much more.

Would You Like to Converse with God?

Now I am ready to share with others what I have learned about how to know God, converse with God, create miracles, and more. I will initially offer one-on-one coaching and later will offer online training programs.

People interested in possibly getting coaching can schedule an absolutely-free 20-minute phone conversation with me to discuss your level of spiritual awareness and details of potential coaching. If interested in moving ahead with it, you can then schedule 1-hour coaching sessions as needed. Ideally, for the coaching sessions we will use Skype or Zoom to see each other via webcams.

My contact info:

Phone: 720-236-2221

Here are the planned transformations that the student can expect to experience as they progress with the coaching:

  • Develop presence and inner body awareness
  • Live fully in the Now with quieter mind
  • Become one with God and all of life (aka Oneness and living consciously)
  • Have clear and powerful 2-way conversations with God
  • Co-create miracles for yourself and others
  • Shift from "I consciousness" to "We consciousness"

Learning to converse with God is the single-most powerful and transformative thing you can do for yourself because it, in conjunction with shifting to higher consciousness, profoundly changes your relationships with God and the world in very positive ways. I will work directly and actively with you to achieve the desired results.

NOTE — For the first 10 people who sign up for a coaching session, the price will be discounted by 50%, so don't wait too long if you want to take advantage of the low price. Click the button below to learn more about my coaching program.



Awakening to Wholeness is the story of one person’s spiritual exploration and discovery, and how those discoveries led to spiritual and practical insights, awakenings, small miracles, and numerous life changes that greatly changed the man and his experience of life.  That person is Raymond Posch, the author of the book and founder of Live Your Success LLC, and he now wants to share what he has learned about awakening, wholeness, and personal success with like-minded people around the world.



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