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Meet Raymond Posch

Hi, I’m Raymond Posch, the creator of a set of new personal growth programs that together are called Live Your Success™. In these programs I will teach you to quickly start living more successfully (and healthfully and happily) by developing a new mindset that leads to new behaviors and a strong sense of living life whole-heartedly.

Live Your Success is not just about celebrating once you achieve your biggest dream. It's about living with a success mindset starting now so you can get to your big dreams sooner. The focus, in other words, is on being success-oriented as part of your natural way of being and as a result loving life and getting the most out of life every day.

And a foundational part of the Live Your Success philosophy is a community of members who have a shared commitment to personal success, operate from a holistic vision of what success means for them, and want to live life consciously. It's called the LYS Club.

The core program is the Power of Embracing Life…  a proven personal success program based on taking a new approach to life. It’s the perfect way for growth-minded people to move rapidly towards happiness and greater personal success while experiencing life more fully. I developed the program based on my own life changes that resulted when I decided to embrace life more wholeheartedly every day, at work and at home.

To my amazement, I discovered that as you choose to engage in life more consciously and actively, a shift begins to occur that not only makes life more enjoyable but "opens doorways" that lead you to achieving many other positive things in life and achieving dreams you never thought were possible.

My personal passion is the whole spectrum of personal development, spiritual growth, and achieving success — and now sharing what I have learned with people like you so that you too can experience true joy, success, and fulfillment. And one of my goals is to have it happen much more rapidly for you than it happened for me (and than it would happen with most other courses of self development).

These Live Your Success programs will soon be available to help you begin living your success, however you define it, and help you achieve your big dreams:

  • Power of Embracing Life
  • Spiritual Path to Success
  • Secrets of Staying Young

Welcome, and I hope you decide to "live your success" by joining our LYS Club community. Through it, I want to share with you my passion for embracing life and for believing in yourself. I absolutely know that this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future life.

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Raymond Posch
Founder, Live Your Success LLC

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The Power of Embracing Life is my motivational program designed to turn your life around based on techniques and practices I discovered in my own research into motivation, happiness, and personal success. The results changed my life far beyond my expectations!

The program centers around how to think about and experience life differently than you have most of your life – except perhaps in rare moments when something clicked for you in a state of flow and connection with the world around you. When it happens it is magical. The key is to make that your most-of-the-time normal experience rather than the exception.

In particular, I will teach you to start having a success-oriented mindset that you can start practicing immediately, and will have very rapid benefits in all aspects of your life. In fact, you will start living the success you desire/envision for yourself within a short time of beginning the program. And you will steadily gain clarity and focus for what you want for your future and how you will achieve that success.

The Spiritual Path to Success is the spiritual and personal development practice that changed my life in many ways, all very positive. These changes wrapped around (preceded and followed) the lessons I learned that led to the "Power of Embracing Life" program and they go deeper.

The bottom line is that these spiritual and personal practices can make a huge difference in your life too!

My spiritual and personal practice is based on the Seven Spiritual Choices which came to me through inspiration and took form over a short period of time. I began to practice the Seven Spiritual Choices daily and have been doing so for more than 8 years. I discovered that I got better in my work (as a project manager), my relationships improved, and I steadily became more creative, financially successful, and happier.



Awakening to Wholeness is the story of one person’s spiritual exploration and discovery, and how those discoveries led to spiritual and practical insights, awakenings, small miracles, and numerous life changes that greatly changed the man and his experience of life.  That person is Raymond Posch, the author of the book and founder of Guided2Success, and he now wants to share what he has learned about awakening, wholeness, and personal success with like-minded people around the world.



Wisdom Thoughts #41 – Appreciate Life!

By Raymond Posch | July 15, 2017

Be someone who embraces life! Decide to appreciate life more in the living of it every day – there is beauty to appreciate in the faces of people and in the leaves of trees, dynamic flow to witness in clouds in the sky and in flights of birds, much to marvel at in the stories […]

Wisdom Thoughts #40 – Becoming More Consciously Aware

By Raymond Posch | July 15, 2017

One secret to becoming more successful in the living of life is to become more conscious of our thoughts and choices. Here is a great quote about that from Deepak Chopra: “You and I are essentially infinite choice makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we […]

Wisdom Thoughts #39 – Get More from Your Life

By Raymond Posch | July 13, 2017

Take time to smell the roses, as they say. There is so much to life that we gloss over, that we miss because we fail to slow down and pay attention to life unfolding all around us. It really is good to slow the pace down and get more from the life we are given. […]


Get the easy-to-follow strategies I use to Embrace Life whole-heartedly!