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We all have lots to learn about life

As I said in the last email, 2007 was a bad year but also a turning point for me. Here’s what happened… By July 2007, I was desperate. And out of the blue I received a mailer piece in August that caught my attention. It was for a DVD product (called Effortless Abundance) that talked […]

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The Power of Embracing Life

Today I received my copies of The Abundance Factor which is a book recently published by Joe Vitale with a bunch of “other leading experts from around the world” as co-authors. Joe wrote the first chapter, and the guest experts each wrote one chapter. This post is my chapter on “The Power of Embracing Life”.

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Always remember

Wisdom Thoughts #154 – You’re Smarter Than You Think

“To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.” –Stephen Covey We always want things to be easy, but doing new things requires learning and learning requires work and overcoming mistakes as we learn. Persist until victory is yours. And always remember, you’re smarter than you think. Love,

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Spiritual Success

I use the term “spiritual success” to mean practical success that comes from spiritual growth. That kind of success is what happened to me as I pursued a spiritual path which started out as pure spiritual exploration but ended up focusing on living more consciously. Living consciously means being more aware of one’s self, others,

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orange tree

Spiritual Growth versus Personal Growth

It’s very interesting what happens when you start paying attention to living and growing more consciously… The dividing lines that you might have between “spiritual”, “personal”, and “practical” begin to fade away. I define spiritual as giving attention to your inner world and to your connection with the Universe/God. In talking about being religious versus

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