1-on-1 "How to Know God" Coaching


You can schedule a free 20-minute get-acquainted session with me to discuss possible subsequent personal coaching sessions (one or more). Knowing God and conversing with God are dependent on your skill levels in quieting your mind and in attaining a state of oneness with God. During this introductory session, I will ask you various questions about your level of spiritual awareness and will then tell you about how I would approach coaching with you. At that point, you can decide if you want to proceed.


After the introductory session, you can schedule one or more 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions. The goal of the coaching sessions is to help you achieve transformations that will ultimately let you converse with God and to create miracles. But understand that you must first achieve transformations 1-3 (see below) before being ready for 4 and 5.

Here are the PLANNED TRANSFORMATIONS that you can expect to learn to do on your own as you progress with the coaching:

  1. Develop presence and inner body awareness
  2. Live fully in the Now with quieter mind
  3. Become one with God and all of life (aka Oneness and living consciously)
  4. Have clear and powerful 2-way conversations with God
  5. Co-create miracles for yourself and others
  6. Shift from "I consciousness" to "We consciousness"

This is not general life mentoring/coaching, advice, therapy, or counseling, although it may incorporate some of those aspects. The spiritual coaching I do is geared towards helping you achieve the specific spiritual transformations listed immediately above.

Raymond Posch, coach

The coaching is based on my many years of personal development and spiritual growth work, including knowing God through meditation and living from the heart, learning about the laws of wholeness, attraction, and creation and manifesting based on those, and more recently on frequent and numerous conversations with God that have given me more knowledge and insights into interacting with God, the nature of consciousness and oneness, creating miracles, and much more.

During a coaching session, I will guide you in understanding the concepts of the goals we are working on, and then doing exercises that will help you feel and experience the desired results. Just like any new skills, you must practice these spiritual skills for some time to master them. Sessions should be scheduled no more frequently than weekly so you have a chance to practice what you have learned before proceeding on to new skills.

Additional follow-on sessions can be scheduled as needed or desired. The progress that you will make will depend very much on your current level of spiritual development, and especially your levels of thought control (quieting the mind and witnessing) and inner awareness.

In all likelihood a minimum of 3 sessions will be needed, and some people will need 6 or even more. The first 3 transformations listed above must be achieved in order to proceed to conversations with God or creating miracles.

You will have full control of the schedule and pace of the sessions. And you can choose to forego or delay the last 2 transformations if that helps you developmentally or financially.

This kind of coaching is for you if:

  • You feel a deep resonance with this site and the information here.
  • You’ve made the decision to do what it takes to know God and converse with God directly. I will guide you every step of the way, but you must really want this and commit to this in order to break through to not just new ways of thinking but new ways of BEING.)
  • You understand that in order to make these changes in your life, you’re going to have to make changes within yourself. These are real inner changes that require some breakthroughs in your level of awareness and being.
  • You’re ready to do that work.

This kind of coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You’re someone who isn’t really interested in making any changes but is just looking for someone to listen to them talk about their life. There is tremendous value in being listened to, to be sure, it’s just not what I do. In fact, as we work on each of the transformations, I may end up doing most of the talking while you work on your inner process of thoughts, feelings, and awareness.
  • You’re severely depressed and unable to even entertain the idea that you can quiet your mind, feel better, and see the world differently (although in that case, you’re probably not on this website).
  • You don’t believe, even a little bit, that you have the power to converse with God and create your own miracles (even if you don’t know how to do that).
  • You’re not interested in rapid growth.

Are you ready to begin? Then it's time to


What is the cost of a coaching call?

The rate is quoted to you when you schedule the session and is subject to change over time, but the quoted rate will be locked in for all of your coaching sessions. THE RATE FOR THE FIRST 10 COACHING CUSTOMERS WILL BE DISCOUNTED BY 50%, AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN A COUPON CODE IN THE CONSULTATION. Payment is expected at the time of booking. Please be sure that your schedule is firm when you book coaching sessions. See cancellation policy below - 24 hour notice is required to reschedule.

Can I schedule the coaching session at the same time that I schedule the introductory session?

Please wait until after the introductory session to schedule the first coaching call. There are certain situations that are rare, such as extreme depression, in which I may recommend other solutions to you. And I want to make sure you are comfortable with working with me in the 1-on-1 coaching. If you want to go ahead with the first coaching session immediately following the consultation, and my schedule is open, you can book it and then we can proceed.

Coaching calls may include some (or a lot) of personal information. Who will have access to call recordings?

Only you will have access to your call recordings. It will be emailed to you after your session and will never be shared with anyone else.

I have a coaching call scheduled, but something has come up that interferes. Can I reschedule?

We understand that sometimes emergencies happen. If you contact us at least 24 hours before the call, we can reschedule that call as it fits into the schedule. If notification does not happen within 24 hours prior, we will not be able to reschedule, and your payment is not refundable.

You say you use Skype for coaching calls. Do I need a Skype account?

You do NOT have to have a Skype account to participate in coaching calls. We will call you. We can call you either on Skype (if you have an account and prefer this option) or on your land line or mobile phone (US and Canada only). I can also use my Zoom account to schedule web sessions as an alternative to Skype. We regret that we cannot call mobile phones outside of the US and Canada.