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Tell me more about Evolution Unfolding

Evolution Unfolding consists primarily of a private soundcast and a private group/community centered around sharing spiritual knowledge and experiences. The goal of both the soundcast and community is to promote the awakening of individuals and humanity as a whole.

But it is an exploration because we don't know the exact path we will take. Evolution of consciousness is an open-ended process. It will unfold as it needs to unfold if we allow it. It is very much based in surrender to the Divine.

And very importantly, awakening and evolution must result in the participants living more consciously. That is, we must individually and collectively produce more of what we want and less of what we don't want in our own lives and in the world.

So, the soundcast dives into the awakening and evolution of individuals and humanity as an exploration... It is all about discovery and learning . It involves sharing of knowledge, practices, and real-life experiences or results. Episodes will normally be released every other week.

Who is the person behind Evolution Unfolding?

My name is Raymond Posch, and I am a long-time spiritual explorer and podcaster. My podcast is Our Spiritual Life, and the episodes are also published on News for the Soul. My career was in information technology and project management, but my soul has been calling me to spirituality and awakening for a very long time. Now, I'm the host and driving force behind the Evolution Unfolding soundcast and community. (BTW, I'm also a folk singer who entertains seniors.)

I began with the idea for a soundcast focused on awakening and evolution at two levels – of individuals and of mankind collectively. I planned to use myself as an example – not as one who is fully awakened and has all the answers, but as one who is still struggling to awaken and doesn't have all the answers. But I'm not a spiritual newbie either... with I've learned in the last 18 months from my focused podcast episodes, I know where to turn for answers and guidance.

But after I had produced the first seven episodes, I realized that a community of like-minded people is absolutely critical for keeping it relevant and interesting and for:

  • Sharing real-life learning and results,
  • Making sure the evolutionary process is understandable and coherent, and
  • Bringing some level of shared consciousness into existence.

I also intend to have guests on soundcast episodes, and that could be experts on awakening, evolution of consciousness, and specific spiritual practices. It could also involve having community members participate in discussions about specific struggles, breakthroughs, personal insights, etc.

Tell me more about the community

My increased focus on the community aspect of Evolution Unfolding came from looking back at one of my learning experiences in spiritual evolution. Back in 2018, I took a training course from spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton. His program was called Integral Enlightenment, and his teaching was built around 3 pillars of conscious evolution:

  1. Awakening of the Divine self/soul
  2. Aligning with the Divine self/soul
  3. Expressing the Divine self/soul  through community

Hamilton had done extensive research, which focused heavily on experimentation (in other words, actual experiences of the people involved) into awakening and the evolution of consciousness. He used the term "evolutionary self", but I prefer to think in terms of Divine self or soul. The terms have the same meaning because it is our soul – that part of us which is Divine – that is calling us to awaken and evolve.

In moving forward, I will use the 3 pillars as a tool to help ensure we are remembering to work on all 3 aspects of the evolution of our individual and collective human consciousness. And in using some of the language from the book Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species, we need to express and experience the attributes of consciousness that we are developing and evolving in ourselves.

The community will be an online discussion group for shared online discussions. It will also use live online meetings for focused discussions about specific topics. It may eventually grow and expand in new ways in time that might include sub-groups, retreats, workshops, etc.

The community can be expected to evolve and grow substantially with time.

Why do we need to awaken and evolve?

At a high level, I sometimes say that the goal of Evolution Unfolding is to help myself and all participants to live more consciously, with greater freedom and joy, to grow in our shared Oneness, and to make the world a better place. That answer points to some of the changes we would want to see in ourselves and in the world.

Based on all of my spiritual exploration and study, which is based heavily in what spiritual masters, teachers, and gurus have taught, I would say that the Universe/God is entirely benevolent. In fact, we human beings are individualized expressions of the Universe/God. The universe is designed for us to experience heaven here on Earth.

But that is not what most people experience. To most people (99+ percent) in the world today, life is a struggle, life is not good, and the world is filled with continuous conflict, violence, hate, inequity, and lack.

Clearly, there is a major disconnect somewhere. Spiritual masters teach – and God confirms through the Conversations with God books – that the disconnect is that we do not know what our true nature is. Not knowing our true nature, we do not live in alignment with who we really are and what we were meant to be and experience.

Spiritual masters tell us that we mistakenly pay attention to and live according to the dictates of our ego. The spiritual ego is mental programming that is based in the belief that we are separate from God and each other. It denies that we are actually part of the Divine. It keeps us from all the good and abundance designed to be a natural part of the world.

The ego has us living our lives in fear and distrust of others. The ego has us operate from selfishness. We've got to compete. Otherwise, others might take that which we want. Thus arises all fear, all divisiveness, all hate, all conflict, and all violence.

Ego is based in misidentification with our thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. It denies our true self, which is our soul, which is based in simple present-moment awareness. It keeps us wrapped up in defending ourself rather than in understanding that we are all One; and worrying about everything that can go wrong instead of trusting in the Universe/God to support us and guide us.

Awakening and evolution of consciousness are about learning, growing, awakening, and evolving away from ego and toward knowing we are all Divine and all One. Do you seen why awakening and evolution offer nothing but good? Do you see that heaven on Earth can be ours if we will only choose to awaken and evolve?

And believe me, it is our choice. But, of course, it is not possible to educate every one on Earth to the truth such that everyone would suddenly begin behaving as expressions of God. It will take time.

But it is our choice. Choose for yourself to awaken and begin to evolve NOW, not sometime in the future. I believe that our lives will improve with each step forward we take. That doesn't mean that it will be easy.

Let's choose to awaken to our true nature and live aligned with our true nature. When we do, we will begin to experience life in more congruent, healthy, creative, and loving ways. And the world WILL begin to change too!

Join me, Raymond Posch the host, on this shared exploration into changing humanity's future through a group of like-minded people. We can do that by building an active community that supports us and grows with us as the process of awakening and evolution unfolds for us.

What you get with Evolution Unfolding

  • An audio with each episode. Episodes are every 2 weeks.
  • A text transcript with each episode - invaluable for deeper learning
  • Show notes with each episode
  • Additional textual content to support some episodes
  • Occasional videos with some episodes
  • A private online group for discussions and community building - This item will be a big area of development and growth over the coming months!
  • I will also be available by phone or email for private questions, comments, and conversations (limited)

Benefits from Evolution Unfolding

  • Evolution Unfolding is designed to accelerate your personal awakening and evolution
  • Evolution Unfolding is aligned with the Changing Humanity’s Future initiative sponsored by Humanity’s Team
  • Learn from personal experiences - mine and others - on an ongoing basis
  • Ask questions and share your experiences if you choose
  • Interact with others in our online community and discuss struggles and breakthroughs
  • Break out of being stuck in old habits/practices that aren’t working for you
  • Learn spiritual practices that come from top teachers and coaches, such as theta state meditation
  • Learn about the many great resources available to you and which are best