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The Evolution Unfolding private soundcast dives into the awakening and evolution of individuals and humanity as a whole. It involves spiritual exploration and the ongoing sharing of knowledge, spiritual practices, and real-life experiences. The goal is to help myself and all participants to live more consciously, with greater freedom and joy, to grow in our shared Oneness, and make the world a better place.

Join me, Raymond Posch the host, on this shared exploration into changing humanity's future through regular audio episodes and a group of like-minded people. We can do that by building an active community that supports us and grows with us as the process of awakening and evolution unfolds for us.

NOTE – THIS IS THE FREE INTRO VERSION. It includes the first 4 episodes – and now Episode 8 – for your evaluation purposes. Episode 1 gives you my personal introduction to Evolution Unfolding and to myself as an "evolutionary" committing to be a case study in living my life more consciously. Episode 2 is about getting started with the process of awakening. Episode 3 answers the question of what "awakening" is all about. And in Episode 4, I talk about my struggles with awakening, about awakening practices or action steps, and about my progress in beginning to implement those action steps. Episode 8 is about a shift of focus for Evolution Unfolding where I am placing a greater emphasis on 1) understanding that this is an exploration because there is not a fixed path for how we will evolve, and 2) on community being of equal importance to the soundcast. Community will be critical going forward because we can't evolve in isolation. We must evolve from individual selfish (ME) consciousness to unity (WE) consciousness.

Episode 1

Introduction to Evolution Unfolding

This is the first episode of the Evolution Unfolding audio series. In it, I introduce myself, host Raymond Posch, and my background as well as summarizing what Evolution Unfolding is all about - which is sharing my personal experiences with awakening, living consciously, and evolving to higher consciousness over time - plus providing commentary and insights about the awakening of humanity. I also set the stage by reading an essay entitled "The Return to Wholeness is What We Need Now" by Deepak Chopra because it really summarizes very well why mankind is a mess right now but states clearly that we are fully capable of evolving to a higher consciousness.

Finally, I provide an overview of what to expect of future episodes... the audio series will be an unfolding story of my own evolutionary process, my goals and practices, what I personally am experiencing, what is working and not working, and likewise, positives and negatives that can be observed about mankind's larger evolution.

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Notes and Transcript

Episode 2

Getting Started

Episode 2 is about getting started in the process of spiritual awakening and evolution. I wanted to start with insights from the book Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch. This book is truly a conversation with God and is all about God (the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe) inviting humanity to awaken and providing guidance on how to do so. Although I know of many great resources I could focus on, this is the one I believe to be the most valuable.

In this episode, I begin by reading action steps from the "Changing Humanity's Future" Initiative created by the Humanity's Team organization. I support their initiative, and I want my getting started action steps to be totally aligned with theirs. (Their initiative action steps are published on their website at HumanitysTeam.org/changing-humanitys-future.)

Then I read excerpts from the Awaken the Species book that I think are very important for me, or anyone else, to focus on when getting started. I talk about the importance of laying a foundation that can support me as I move forward. Reading the Notes & Transcript document will give you my show notes and actual transcript from the audio.

I hope you find this episode helpful in getting started with the process of your own awakening and evolution.

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Notes and Transcript

Episode 3

What the Heck is "Awakening" All About?

Episode 3 further explores awakening and what it is all about. To do that, I read more excerpts from the book Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsch. I also include excerpts from the book Metahuman by Deepak Chopra and from an article by Craig Hamilton, entitled "Spiritual Awakening is Not Just a Peak Experience: The Liberating Discovery of Your True Nature".

There is at least one spiritual practice discussed (from Metahuman) that you can begin to practice immediately if you are ready.

Hopefully this material will give you greater perspective and understanding what awakening means and, to some extent, what it is. You will begin to get the idea that "awakening" is the start of something big in how you live and experience life, and once you commit to it, it continues to unfold over the rest of your life. But ultimately, awakening must be experienced, not just explored intellectually.

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Episode 4

My Struggles, Action Steps, and Progress

In Episode 4, I address three areas that need to be discussed by me at this point: 1) my personal struggles with spiritual awakening, 2) the action steps from Episode 2 from a more personal perspective, and 3) my progress or status.

First, I talk about my struggles with awakening for the first time, because although I feel that I have had a lot of spiritual growth over many years and I have had "awakenings", I have not yet gotten close to what I know is possible. I am not awakened to the extent that I would be if I were a fully evolved being. I will talk about this in deeper depth in all future episodes.

Second, I give the listener my first-cut personal pespectives on the action steps that Humanity's Team promotes for their initiative called "Changing Humanity's Future"... these are all about learning to live more consciously. These will also be explored more deeply in future episodes, and I will also offer exercises or practices that expand on these fundamental action steps.

Third, as I go through my struggles and the action steps, I will indicate my progress at a high level. I will drill into my progress more deeply in future episodes.

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Episode 8

Putting a Greater Focus on Community

Episode 8 is an important one because I talk about some big changes I am making in Evolution Unfolding. And the biggest change is that I am beginning to make the community aspect of Evolution Unfolding much bigger and more important and will continue to do so over the long term. I talk about 3 pillars of actively engaging in the evolution of human consciousness, and pillar #3 is about the necessity for conscious evolution to be in the greater context of community and, ultimately, all of humanity.

I also talk about infrastructure changes that I have been making... the biggest of which is moving the Evolution Unfolding platform from Soundwise to my own RaymondPosch.com website. The content of all episodes - which is primarily the audios and the Notes and Transcript pdf files - are now all accessed by subscribers on the website. I will also be putting in place the tools for an active community, so that members can post, carry on asynchronous conversations, and attend live online sessions and discussions that I will be offering.

I am also making this episode (#8) part of the free introductory set of episodes so that prospective subscribers can listen to it in making their evaluation of whether to subscriber.

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Notes and Transcript