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PLEASE NOTE -- I am replacing Evolution Unfolding with a new program and will update this site soon!

We humans are evolving to higher levels of consciousness.

But it has been happening very slowly. Today, the need is great for people to step more actively into individual awakening and collective evolution. Why? Because, as we evolve, we will change ourselves and the world in wonderful and surprising ways.

We have the power (and the shared responsibility) to bring people together for the good of all and to make the world a better place.

This is a great challenge and an amazing opportunity to change humanity's future!


The Evolution Unfolding private soundcast and community are a spiritual exploration into awareness of our shared Divinity, living more consciously, and participating in the evolution of human consciousness.

It’s an opportunity to discover one's self more fully, share our knowledge and evolutionary experience, and make a real difference in the world. So many people know they are spiritual beings who want to have better human experiences! Now is the time to awaken and join with others to evolve together.

Note that Evolution Unfolding is totally aligned with the work of Humanity's Team - see HumanitysTeam.org - and especially with their initiative called "Changing Humanity's Future".

Evolution Unfolding is designed to support you in this process of discovery and rapid growth through our community of like-minded people. I promise you, from deep in my heart, that I'm going to do everything possible to make sure you love the soundcast and community!

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Ready for a brighter future for yourself and the world?
What if you could join others on a shared journey aimed at having small awakenings every day or week that raise consciousness through practice and daily living?

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Hi, I’m Raymond Posch.

For the last 30 years I’ve been a spiritual explorer actively seeking spiritual knowledge and growth. Now I’m on an exploration into living in a more awakened and conscious way. I want to evolve to higher levels of consciousness and to help others do the same. I'm also becoming a spiritual teacher and activist because I want to see humanity live up to its Divine potential. That's the purpose and promise of Evolution Unfolding, and it's aimed at and designed to support like-minded people who want to change the world.

I’m the creator and host of the Our Spiritual Life podcast and radio show with 80+ episodes in the past 3 years. Their focus has been on helping people grow spiritually and become more aware of our interpersonal relationships and life as a whole. In the last 18 months, I have deeply explored how we can experience and promote awakening, oneness, and conscious evolution.

If you are a spiritual person who would like to be happier and more fulfilled AND to help the world become a better place for everyone, read on...

To get beyond our human struggles, violence, and self-destructive tendencies – which are based in fear, separation, and limitation – we must learn to operate from our Divine selves rather than ego. All people, and all of life, are expressions of the Divine.

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Low Introductory Price

When we awaken to the fact that we are all spiritual (divine) beings and, in fact, are all One – it changes everything! Think what we can create in the world if we come together in unity consciousness.

In my opinion, when it comes to our evolution of human consciousness, we must use an approach that explores possibilities and continues over time because the process itself, and what we try to accomplish, will need to evolve over time.

We know that evolution will unfold but we don’t know how it will unfold as we reach new levels of living more consciously. A program with fixed content would be useful only in getting us started. Instead, we need support over the long term.


That's why I am offering a private soundcast that has episodes delivered on a regular basis (every other week) and reflects our natural process of learning and evolving over time.

In individual episodes, I share knowledge and spiritual practices from top spiritual teachers, and I share my personal stories and intimate experiences about what is working or not working for me. I will also invite guest teachers, coaches, and ordinary seekers to participate and share - so this will be about our struggles, our learning, and our awakening.

The Evolution Unfolding community – allowing the sharing, discussing, and evolution of the whole process of exploring and evolving as a group of like-minded but diverse people – will be a very important part of this shared adventure. The community will have the soundcast as one resource, but it may eventually evolve to include other programs or even in-person retreats, workshops, etc.


Evolution Unfolding will utilize 3 proven pillars in the evolution of consciousness:


Awakening the Divine self/soul


Aligning with the Divine self/soul


Expressing the Divine self/soul and building a community of like-minded people


When you subscribe, you will get:

An audio with each episode. You can play it directly or download it. Episodes are currently released every other week.
An audio transcript with each episode – invaluable for deeper learning
Show notes with each episode
Additional textual content to support some episodes
Occasional videos with some episodes
A private online group for discussions and community building - This is about exploring and learning from others and as a group as a whole. This will be a big area of development and growth over the coming months!
I will also be available by phone or email for private questions, comments, and conversations (limited)
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Some key benefits from Evolution Unfolding

Evolution Unfolding is designed to accelerate your personal awakening and evolution

Aligned with the Changing Humanity’s Future initiative sponsored by Humanity’s Team

Learn from personal experiences - mine and others - on an ongoing basis

Ask questions and share your experiences if you choose

Interact with others in our online community and discuss struggles and breakthroughs

Break out of being stuck in old habits/practices that aren’t working for you

Learn spiritual practices that come from top teachers and coaches, such as theta state meditation

Learn about the many great resources available to you and which are best

Check out the first 4 episodes at no cost.

Click the button below and listen to and study the first four episodes of the audio series. Episode 1 gives you my personal introduction to Evolution Unfolding and to myself as an "evolutionary" committing to be a case study in living my life more consciously. Episode 2 is about getting started with the process of awakening. Episode 3 answers the question of what "awakening" is all about. And in Episode 4, I talk about my struggles with awakening, about awakening practices or action steps, and about my progress in beginning to implement those action steps.

Please note - Evolution Unfolding will itself constantly evolve. I started this audio series focused on sharing my experiences with awakening and knowing I want to evolve and help others. But I don't want it to be just about me, and when I decided to use the 3 pillars of conscious evolution (described briefly above), I realized that building a community is critical. Episode 8 talks about this and the broadening focus of Evolution Unfolding.

Bookmark this page and come here as many times as you need to study this material.

I am totally committed to my own evolution and to helping others to awaken and join in this process of living more consciously, creatively, and in Oneness with the whole of which we are part. 

And then sign up... MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Join us in changing humanity's future.

The EVOLUTION UNFOLDING soundcast is about growing into a higher level of conscious living and experiencing the joy and wholeness that brings. But it will also be about my real-life struggles and my personal progress – actually our struggles and our progress – along the way in this journey. You'll be able to read a full description of what the Evolution Unfolding audio series will be about, and you'll be able to subscribe so you get all future episodes (which will be released every 2 weeks).

I expect Evolution Unfolding episodes to stay interesting for a VERY long time to come because we all have so much to learn about becoming more evolved spiritual beings in human form. For example: Episode 5 is about "Awakening to Our Divinity"; Episode 6 is about "Developing a Daily Routine"; Episode 7 is about "Learning to Surrender and Make Steady Progress"; and Episode 8 is about "Putting a Greater Focus on Community". And that's just the beginning.

If you've read Conversations with God Book 4: Awakening the Species by Neale Donald Walsch – which will be a guiding resource for Evolution Unfolding – you know about the 16 key ways in which humanity needs to evolve. We must continuously evolve, and as I said above, Evolution Unfolding will also need to constantly evolve.

I want to get to know you, support you, and work with you as both individuals and a larger community as we evolve together!

Evolution is calling you to awaken. Evolution is calling you to participate in this grand adventure. JOIN NOW!

When you sign up, please find and carefully read account and subscription emails (check Spam folder if necessary). Also add ray@raymondposch.com to your email Contacts or Safe Senders list. See you soon!

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