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I’ve previously defined “spiritual success” as practical success that comes from spiritual growth. (See my article, “Spiritual Success” from June 2018). But I want to be clear that it’s much more than that…

Spiritual success includes real spiritual qualities as well, such as:

  • Expressing greater desire for the good of others, or sharing more kindness
  • Feeling more peace in yourself
  • Sending love to others more frequently
  • Experiencing a greater sense of wholeness of self, and that may come from being more attuned with your higher self
  • Having more gratitude for good things in your life and for what other people add to your life
  • Choosing to be connected to God or to be a pathway for God’s love to others
  • Being focused more on serving others than on just caring about yourself

So, there are definitely markers or milestones of “spiritual” success as well as of “practical” success (with its benchmarks of more money, more business success, being happier, better love relationships, and healthier body).

One of my mentors is Joe Vitale , and he promotes the idea of becoming “awakened millionaires” – in other words, of becoming more spiritually awakened AND more successful AND helping others be more successful too. I love the idea of awakened millionaires, and that idea or vision is a great way to think about and picture spiritual success.

In his book The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer talks about “learning to co-create your world your way”, and that also is very much about spiritual success. You can co-create yourself and your life in more loving and spiritual ways by being very spiritually directed in how you interact with the intentional Universe. He devotes a chapter to each of eight principles that are very spiritual but have the aim of producing practical, real-world results.

Here are the titles of those chapters, and each one communicates spiritual success:

  • It is My Intention to Respect Myself at All Times
  • It is My Intention to Live My Life on Purpose
  • It is My Intention to Be Authentic and Peaceful with All of My Relatives
  • It is My Intention to Feel Successful and Attract Abundance into My Life
  • It is My Intention to Live a Stress-Free, Tranquil Life
  • It is My Intention to Attract Ideal People and Divine Relationships
  • It is My Intention to Optimize My Capacity to Heal and Be Healed
  • It is My Intention to Appreciate and Express the Genius that I Am

What I’m wanting to show here is that there are many, many ways to think about spiritual success, and spiritual success is something that all of us should think about more. But what I know is true is that the more you grow spiritually, and especially by becoming more selfless and more nurturing of the world and other people, the more you will experience practical benefits or success in your own life.

The Law of Giving and Receiving is very much a part of that. But it is more than than… The more aware you become, the more effective you will be, AND you will also become more grateful, more loving, and more caring about the larger aspects of life beyond just yourself.

Spiritual success relates directly to the Law of Wholeness, which can be expressed in many different ways. Here are three versions of the Law of Wholeness (taken from my book Awakening to Wholeness), and each of these can give you broader ways of thinking about what spiritual success means:

Summary Version of the Law of Wholeness – The Universe and all things (living and non-living) are part of one wholeness because they arise from and exist within one universal consciousness. The more we personally and collectively align and bond with the one consciousness, the more we will experience the qualities of wholeness – unity, healthy functioning, abundance, freedom, love, and joy.

Spiritual Version of the Law of Wholeness – The more you align and bond your individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness, the more you will share in and experience its qualities of unity, expansiveness, abundance, effortless function, knowing, limitless creation, and divine being.

Practical Version of the Law of Wholeness – The more you develop and support the healthy being and functioning of yourself and the social units and environment of which you are part, the more you will benefit by feeling good, producing effective results from your activities, and having harmonious and productive relationships.

I hope this post gives you fresh ideas and perspectives to think about concerning spirituality, growth, and success.

May spiritual success be yours, and may you share it with the world.

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