The Personal Success Program You’ve Been Looking for is Coming in Q3 2018...

The Spiritual Path to Success is a proven personal success program based on spiritual principles and practices. It is the perfect way for spiritually-minded people to move much more rapidly towards their personal success goals while experiencing true spiritual growth.

New versions of Spiritual Path to Success will be released each year and may be offered several times per year. I will provide the program to a limited number of students so that I can provide high-value content and coaching with maximum benefit to students over a 2-3 month period.

So get on the waiting list now for the next release of Spiritual Path to Success! You won’t want to miss out when it comes available. By being on the LYS mailing list, you will receive periodically email updates leading up to the program release. (This program is not affiliated with any religion and is based on universal principles that take you closer to Abundant Intelligence with practice.)

I want to get to know you, and I care about your personal success!



Do You Want to Feel Different About Your Life?
Happy, Enthused, Empowered, Confident, Fired Up?

The Power of Embracing Life is my motivational program designed to turn your life around based on techniques and practices I discovered in my own research into motivation, happiness, and personal success. The results changed my life far beyond my expectations!

The program centers around how to think about and experience life differently than you have most of your life – except perhaps in rare moments when something clicked for you in a state of flow and connection with the world around you. When it happens it is magical. The key is to make that your most-of-the-time normal experience rather than the exception.

You will learn by doing in guided Power of Embracing Life sessions that help you shift from negative thinking and victimhood that dominates the majority of people’s lives to instead being empowered, engaged, and living true to your purpose.

It all begins with choosing to embrace life and experience it in a more proactive way, always moving more towards what serves you and others in the best way. If you use the Power of Embracing Life program, you will absorb the lessons in a natural sequence that moves you toward your life goals step by step.

Stay tuned… I plan to release the Power of Embracing Life program in the 3rd quarter 2017.



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