Speaking on "How to Know God"

Ray Posch photoIf you have a group of people who are spiritually-oriented and interested in speaking programs on topics pertinent to spiritual growth and awakening, I'm Raymond Posch and I am available at no cost. I speak on the four topics listed below and, taken together, these can be considered a "How to Know God" presentation series.

  • Conversing with God
  • Awakening from Ego to Consciousness
  • Shifting from "I Consciousness" to "We Consciousness"
  • Creating Miracles

My goal in these talks is to come from presence, love, and purpose to give people insight into how to know God and, more than that, to change their relationships with themselves, God, and the world. All of these talks are very personal, coming from my own direct experience. The presentations are each approximately 45 minutes followed by 30 minutes (or more) of Q&A. Timeframes can be adjusted to meet your constraints.

Conversing with God

Over many years I had tried to connect to the Universe/God through meditation, oneness, directed intuition, intention, prayer, wholeness, and presence. I always had strong feelings of connection and some limited two-way conversation through the combination of intention and intuition. But when I tried to have mental conversations with God that would be more like human conversation, I almost always quickly doubted that I was receiving God’s words and instead was hearing my own imagined reply.

Then this year I received a very immediate and clear reply when, upon reaching a state of great confusion, I asked God what my purpose in life was now. The response was: “Your purpose is to know God and help others know God”. That was not an answer that I expected, but in fact, I had strong certainty that it was God’s voice that I heard. The next day, I had my first true lengthy two-way conversation with God in order to ask God questions and get clarification.

Now I have conversations with God whenever I wish, and I’ve learned a great deal about my purpose, how to teach others to converse with God, how they can create miracles, and much more. God is amazingly accessible, benevolent, and totally loving. Conversing with God depends on having skills in being fully present and conscious, one with God, and listening to God in specific ways which I will explain in the talk. Learning to converse with God is the single-most powerful and transformative thing you can do for yourself because it profoundly changes your relationships with God and the world in very positive ways.

Awakening from Ego to Consciousness

There is a slow awakening taking place in the world from ego-based levels of awareness to oneness, being, and higher awareness. This shift is more and more frequently being referred to in terms of consciousness and spoken of as social consciousness, conscious leadership, conscious business, and simply “being conscious”. Although the world has some very unconscious political leaders right now, and the things they are doing are very frightening, there are growing numbers of people around the world who are becoming conscious and leading movements for a more conscious world.

Most people are greatly confused about the distinctions between body, mind, and spirit (consciousness), and I will provide an explanation that should help. The majority of people think that they are mind, and spend most of their waking lives caught in thinking all of the time. But in reality, we are pure being (consciousness) at our core, and we need to return to Being which is our “power source”.

I will speak about my own experiences with awakening and presence and about what Eckhart Tolle has taught regarding this awakening for individuals and the world collectively. But I believe strongly that individuals and organizations need to learn about and support this movement towards consciousness. It is about people learning to live more joyfully and powerfully and about creating a less dysfunctional and more enlightened world. I want to motivate you to get on board.

Shifting from “I Consciousness” to “We Consciousness”

You may have heard of the book entitled “We Consciousness” by Karen Noe, who is a very skilled psychic. The book is based on “33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace” which were channeled by Karen from the We Guides who are spiritual masters who have transitioned to pure consciousness, and that is also the subtitle of the book. I loved the book and have studied it a great deal.

I will read the 33 profound truths which are each stated in one or just a few sentences. Then I will discuss important things to know and think about the truths, one of which is the importance emphasized by both God and the We Guides of all individuals becoming instruments of peace. It is clear that our world is very much in danger from many “unconscious” political leaders, the media’s emphasis on negative things, and the vast majority of the world population being unconscious as well.

“Unconscious” means being ego-based, totally identified with the mind rather than with Being or One Consciousness, not being present or awakened, and leading lives very far from what is the case when people awaken and become conscious. (By the way, awakening and becoming conscious for most people is slow and progressive rather than becoming awakened and fully conscious at once.)

One of the We Guides is Wayne Dyer, who passed over in 2015, and Karen has channeled specific messages from him as well as assisting him in communicating with his family. I will discuss the profound truths both more broadly and focusing on selected ones, and I will also mention other messages specifically from Dyer.

The bottom line of this presentation is that we need to shift from the very self-centered “I consciousness” to oneness-centered “we consciousness” that fully embraces Oneness with God, everything, and everyone.

Creating Miracles (Manifesting)

The law of attraction and manifesting are very popular subjects, and there are a great many supposed experts who teach and have programs about those subjects. And, like many people, I have had some success in manifesting my desires, and also a great deal of manifesting not working for me. BUT when I began conversing with God, I was directed very specifically to teach these things: that God is love, how to converse with God, how to create miracles, we consciousness, and the importance of being instruments of peace.

In this talk, I will tell you about my conversations with God pertaining to creating miracles, and even give you some of the verbatim quotes on that topic. Just like conversing with God depends on attaining skills in being fully present and conscious and more, creating miracles also depends on many of the same skills, plus the skill of having a very strong faith that miracles will happen for you.

Even though I had previously worked diligently to clear my negative believes about miracles and manifesting, I learned that I had a great many blocks that God has helped me work though. That was a very interesting and enlightening process to say the least, and I have had a great many conversations with God on this whole subject of creating miracles. There are subtleties that I am still learning.

Summary and Contact Info

I am offering to speak at no cost to interested groups about conversing with God and related topics, and I also offer coaching, for a fee, to individuals to help them develop the skills that will enable them to converse with God, create miracles, and more.

You can find my information about How to Know God and one-on-one coaching at RaymondPosch.com.

You can email me at ray@raymondposch.com or call me at 720-236-2221 and leave a voice message. I will respond to your email or call as soon as I can.

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