The Need for Wholeness

I write about wholeness in individuals and in people collectively. With this post is a picture of what wholeness looks like… We need more wholeness. And I use “wholeness” in its truest, broadest meaning – not just as a synonym for health, but in its full spiritual meaning.

The divisiveness, hatred, destructiveness, waste, and ugliness being presented daily by American politics is the very opposite of wholeness. It is “un-wholeness”, or I could equally well say “unholiness”, in the extreme. We are seeing all of the symptoms of a cultural illness. Wholeness, on the other hand, is based in love, respect, tolerance, unity, constructiveness, cooperation, and the ability to shift to a higher perspective, such as the common goal/need or common good.

We need people to think about, talk about, and desire wholeness rather than its opposite. I will be posting periodically to support what I hope becomes a public dialog on the subject of wholeness in the US and the world. And, of course, that is part of why I wrote about wholeness at length in my book, Awakening to Wholeness. Please know that I come at this from the perspective of personal and spiritual growth, not politics.  LOL

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