Thoughts Become Things – Foundation Principles

In this post, I want to speak to some concepts or principles that help lay of foundation for how thoughts become things. These principles are recognized and taught by many different spiritual teachers, although they may talk about them in different terms or may treat them within different frameworks.

If you have read my book, Awakening to Wholeness, you would know that I had a long period of “spiritual exploration” in which I read hundreds of books and listened to dozens of audio programs about spirituality or aspects of human consciousness and spiritual growth. The principles I want to present here came from many different writers and teachers and from a synthesis of their ideas.

But equally importantly, these principles come from much of my own contemplation in meditative states. I have long sought to be in touch with my higher self or soul, and to come to know its knowledge of reality and what is true about the Universe and all beings within it. So, what I want to share with you I believe and know as truth.

There are 3 foundation principles or pillars of understanding the Universe:

  1. One Consciousness – There is one Universal Consciousness from which the Universe arises. All mind and spirit, including individual mind and spirit of human beings, are part of this One Consciousness. It is known by many names, such as Universe, God, Life, Infinite Intelligence, and Divine. It is creative, and the physical realm of space and time is created by universal consciousness and exists within it. Physical reality is real, as far as we know, and not just God’s dream. But universal consciousness is primary and has the power to control physical reality.
  2. Wholeness – The Universe, Life, space, time, matter, energy, and all things (living and non-living) are part of one wholeness because they all arise from and exist within One Universal Consciousness. In other words, all things and all beings are one with and part of God. Wholeness is not just that all of existence is one whole, it is a spiritual, creative, and integrative force, based in one consciousness, and continuously at work in the Universe and ever present.
  3. Flow – The Universe and Life are not static, not mechanical, not random (although there is definitely chaos) – rather, they comprise a flow. We commonly refer to the “flow of life” and the “flow of time”, but flow is a fundamental and powerful characteristic of Life and of the Universe itself. Flow is creation.The process of manifesting the physical Universe creates this flow, but you could say that it actually arises from the flow of universal consciousness itself.

Those 3 principles go together. They are interrelated and interdependent principles. And there is a law of wholeness that has much more to say about the implications of these 3 principles.

Furthermore, if you carefully study the 3 foundation principles, you will see that 1) consciousness is primary and 2) Universal Consciousness creates the physical universe of things. We humans are a microcosm of that great macrocosm and, as a result, our thoughts become things in the real world.

Let’s consider Flow a bit more…

Flow results in an infinite number of possibilities and choices in each moment. Flow is expressed through physical actions, experienced through awareness, and directed through choices that we make either consciously or unconsciously. I talk a lot about thoughts and choices, but ultimately, it is our actions that make the greatest difference, especially if guided by wise choices.

Actions are thoughts expressed physically. We can think about many things we would like to have or do in our lives or in the world, but it is our choices and actions that create the flow of our lives and the results we experience. And, equally important, it is our collective choices and actions that create the world as we know it.

Do you see the importance of these principles? They explain why the law of attraction, manifesting, intuition, inspiration, all psychic phenomena, and quantum mechanics work as they do. Consciousness is primary and the underlying cause of human reality.

The last of the fundamentals that I want to mention comes from being aware of my thoughts/intentions and observing what results from my thoughts and intentions. I’ve observed that when my intention is focused and clear, such as holding the intention of love, what I experience immediately after that is the uplifting state, feeling, and experience of love. The intention of love results in the physical expression of love felt in the body. If I hold the intention of hate, I feel the constrictive, totally negative state, feeling, and experience of hate felt in the body. If I hold bigger more complex intentions, I feel bigger, more complex feelings and experiences resulting from my intentions. There is a fundamental cause-and-effect relationship between intentions and experienced results.

My conclusion is that God or Universal Consciousness works to bring our intentions into our experience. This important statement further explains the meaning of “thoughts become things”. It also succinctly explains how the Universe works. Life and the Universe are a continuous flow of co-creation. All the evidence says that we have intelligence and free will and we create our lives through our thoughts, choices, and intentions.

We are powerful creatures! Unfortunately, we are also largely ignorant of all this, so we create our lives mostly unconsciously and haphazardly. Now, this is not a badly-designed nor malevolent Universe as you might think… Our souls have perfect knowledge of how the Universe works. But we are, most of the time, not in touch with our souls.

Moreover, when we come here to space and time, we deliberately choose not to know – to have amnesia – in order to experience the full spectrum of life and its challenges. Yes, believe it or not, we choose the struggles of life in order to experience life and grow.

It may not seem like it to you yet, but life is meant to be an adventure and an experience in which we learn and grow by living the adventure. Life is NOT a school or a test, as some people say; it is an adventure! And as we grow through the process of living, we gradually awaken to our own nature and power and to the nature of the Universe and Life.

To fully understand manifesting we will need to cover a number of other factors – such as the law of wholeness, our paradigms or internal models of the world, the process of conscious creation, our level of consciousness, how we perceive and interpret the world around us, how well we do or do not control our thoughts and intentions, our confidence in the co-creative process, negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and attachments – all of which can positively or negatively affect manifesting. These will be covered in future posts and videos.

Also in future posts or videos, I will discuss these principles in more personal terms and that should help you better understand how these principles and factors apply to us in real life.

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