We all have lots to learn about life

As I said in the last email, 2007 was a bad year but also a turning point for me.

Here’s what happened…

By July 2007, I was desperate. And out of the blue I received a mailer piece in August that caught my attention. It was for a DVD product (called Effortless Abundance) that talked about Conscious Creation. I bought it, and it helped me bring about change.

The DVD had a whole series of videos that I began watching, in some cases over and over again. It didn’t talk about the Law of Attraction at all. It was really about understanding that universal consciousness is the creative force of the Universe and how to tap into that creative power.

I studied those videos for weeks and, based on those lessons, I began practicing conscious creation. It was somewhat similar to LOA, but it focused on clearing one’s false beliefs about abundance and learning how to tap into the energy of Conscious Creation to bring about changes in your life.

What happened for me was that I steadily became calmer and filled with peace, clearer in my thoughts and emotions, and I regained my confidence in myself. I focused on feeling empowered and connected to the Universe, and more specifically, I focused on creating the perfect job for me.

Through a certain synchronicity, a man who I had met at my previous company saw my resume online and called me up about a job that was coming available through his staffing company.

I ended up interviewing for my perfect job and landing the offer. I went to work doing that job and loving it for the next 4 years.

And I carried forward my knowledge of conscious creation. In 2008, I discovered the seven spiritual choices which led me to greater success in many areas of my life and a greater sense of peace and happiness.

But several years later, I seemed to forget some of what I had learned about conscious creation and LOA, and I had to relearn those things and become more aware of my fears, self-limiting beliefs, energy, and interconnectedness and wholeness.

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years…

Living in the world demands that you become more conscious and grow as a human being. You are succeeding in life if you feel like you are growing and becoming more year by year. A sense of stagnation means you are sliding backwards.

Other big lessons I’ve learned that can help people who are struggling:

– Unhappiness and struggles are signs that you have lessons to learn
– Sometimes we forget and have to relearn lessons from the past
– Paying attention is the first step. Being open to change is the second step.
– Turn to the spiritual which is the source of conscious creation
– Always remember that the Universe is abundant and unlimited in its creative power
– The Universe is also benevolent and all people are equally worthy
– Learn to open yourself to new possibilities, intuitions, and inspirations
– Tune in to your higher self and work on becoming more aware and awakened
– Become aware of your fears and limiting beliefs and learn to let go of them
– Learn to raise your consciousness/energy to align with what you wish to create
– Although we seem to be separate beings, we are all interconnected at a deep level

All of the above comprise a challenge to participate actively in Life’s grand adventures.

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