About Ray

Raymond Posch is a folk singer, informal spiritual teacher, writer, speaker, podcaster, and radio talk show host. He is the author of the book Awakening to Wholeness, which is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. The book is the result of his spiritual exploration, discovery, development, and awakening, and on the related growth process through which he found greater personal success and the beginnings of a new career.

He has been an avid seeker and student of self-development and spirituality for over 25 years and has been interested in personal growth since starting his career after college. He continues to study the mindsets of success and practices what he writes about and teaches, but his mission and passion is now to share what he has learned about spirituality, unconditional love, wholeness, abundance, and love of life – not only to help people realize greater joy and success in their individual lives, but also to make a difference in the world.

Posch also has a long career in information technology and in IT and business project management. He points out that information technology has enabled everything that is happening with the Internet and people connecting to people. And project management is critical everywhere to all business innovation because all new business capabilities are implemented through projects. He has had the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques of success mindset, conscious choice making, and wholeness in business as well as in his personal life, and found them to be successful and rewarding.