About Ray

Hi - I am Raymond Posch, and that's me on the left. I am a podcaster, spiritual explorer and wayshower, blogger, folk singer, writer, and speaker. And I am a voice for Love and Awakening because they can change us incredibly for the better.

My podcasts are Our Spiritual Life (running 4 years as of December 2023) and New Ways of Being (launched in November 2023). You can read more about the podcasts on the Podcasts page, and I hope you check them out. (Also I've got a lot of great content about spirituality and life in my blog, and the Archive lists all of the post titles for you to scan.)

I am the author of the book Awakening to Wholeness, which is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. I love exploring spiritual awakening and the evolution of human consciousness, and especially experiencing the joy and power of being who I truly am.

I have been an avid seeker and student of self-development and spirituality for nearly 30 years and have been interested in personal growth since starting his career after college. I continue to study the mindsets of success and practice what I write about and teach, but my mission and passion is now to share what I have learned about awakening, spirituality, consciousness, unconditional love, wholeness, abundance, and love of life – not only to help people realize greater joy and success in their individual lives, but also to make a difference in the world.

Now I've learned that spiritual growth and awakening is often not a smooth progression, it is stepwise. We can be stuck or blocked because we haven't yet stepped up to bigger changes at the next level of spiritual being. Or much worse, and this has happened to me as well, it seems to take a big life crisis, or even a "Dark Night of the Soul" type of experience, before surrendering to the higher power or opening up to a big change. In my case, I had business failures and a financial crisis and saw myself as a total failure before I fully called on the Divine (the consciousness that is the source of the everything in the universe) to help me turn around and trust more in that greater power. That led me to a big awakening and spiritual breakthrough.

My spiritual story is a bit unusual, because I was non-spiritual and in fact an atheist for many years during and following college. But in the mid-1990s, a spiritual event happened to me and totally got my attention. I felt that the Universe was telling me that there was much that I needed to learn because I had a spiritual purpose that I had not yet realized. And that resulted in my getting very heavily into spiritual exploration that continues today.

My interest in spirituality and my desire to fully awaken have not lessened over the years. I am a well-established spiritual podcaster who shares what I have learned with my audiences. On Our Spiritual Life (my older podcast), I have published many conversations with other people who are spiritual teachers or coaches who have learned knowledge and skills applicable to spiritual and personal growth and shared their knowledge through what they do, through my podcast, and through other means.

I also had a long career in information technology and in IT and business project management. Information technology is challenging but fun - it has enabled everything that is happening with the Internet and people connecting to people. And project management is critical everywhere to all business innovation because all new business capabilities are implemented through projects. I had the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques of success mindset, conscious choice making, and wholeness in business as well as in his personal life, and found them to be successful and rewarding.

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