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My original podcast was Our Spiritual Life. It started in December 2019 and ran 4 years until late November 2023. The 108 episodes are still accessible. It is about spirituality in a broad and general sense and covers a number of different formats over those four years with content focusing on different spiritual discussion points, spiritual books, and interviews with many different spiritual teachers, coaches, energy healers, etc. It was highly informative and I tried to bring home the applicability to helping people improve themselves and their lives.

My current podcast is New Ways of Being. It launched in November 2023. And, as its name indicates, it focuses on new ways of being, such as living consciously, awakening, self-realization, quantum energy transformation, wholeness, higher consciousness, unity consciousness, and so on. We still have to talk about concepts and how awakening happens, but I am trying to hard to keep it much more about the experiences of these states of being in the real world. This is very much about the evolution of human consciousness and making a difference in the world.

You can read more about the podcasts below, and I hope you check them out. Please link to the podcast websites and see the episode titles. If you see something that interests you, be sure to read the episode description (also called Show Notes). I will also soon be listing featured episodes from my podcasts and also other podcasts in which I appear as the guest.

In addition to the podcasts, I am a blogger and have a lot of great content in my blog posts. They're about spirituality and life and new ways of being, and more. The Archive page lists all of the post titles for you to scan, and you can click on a title and link to the full article.

This is my new podcast described on the home page and launched in November 2023. It is all about how we can awaken, expand our consciousness, experience new ways of being personally, and help humanity evolve to higher consciousness. In addition to the podcast website (see link below), it is available on the Podbean app and many other apps, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, Tunein, iHeartRadio, Podchaser, and probably more to come.

All of the episodes teach about new ways of being, but don't miss these episodes:

  • Episode 2 - Two Big (Spiritual) Questions
  • Episode 4 - Channeled Teachings with Seph Dietlin
  • Episode 7 - Being Quantum with Joshua Bloom
  • Episode 8 - Awakeness and Joy with Swami Nityananda (due January 22)

Click here to go to the New Ways of Being podcast website.

Our Spiritual Life has been a steadily popular spiritual podcast since 2020. In it, I present inspirational and educational content and have conversations with interesting and knowledgeable guests on spirituality, consciousness, and how to live a more awakened and fulfilling life. The podcast ran for 4 seasons and has 108 episodes. NOTE - I am no longer actively adding episodes since my focus is on New Ways of Being, but the OSL content will remain accessible. Check out the great variety of spiritual information that it offers.

Our Spiritual Life was honored to be included in the FeedSpot 100 Best Spiritual Podcasts (blog.feedspot.com/spiritual_podcasts) in May 2023. 

I published the same spiritual content to my podcast and to my radio show on News for the Soul, both called "Our Spiritual Life". (I discontinued the radio show in June 2023.) I'm spiritually independent of any church or religion and am an independent thinker about, but very interested in, spirituality.

Click here to go to the Our Spiritual Life podcast website.

Spirituality is a broad subject and might be defined in many different ways. Here are some quotes from myself and other writers that relate to the subject:

"Spirituality begins or expands for us when we open ourselves and invite more of our inner spirit to show itself to us." – Raymond Posch

"When we begin to experience our life as the miraculous expression of divinity – not occasionally, but all the time – then we will know the true meaning of success." – Deepak Chopra

"In undertaking a spiritual life, what matters is simple: We must make certain that our path is connected with our heart."  – Jack Kornfield

"When I talk about spirituality and being spiritual, I am describing an attitude toward God and the inner journey of enlightenment." – Wayne Dyer

"The spiritual you has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of consciousness." – Eckhart Tolle

"For most of us, doing has become a habit that obscures a more fundamental reality — the essential freedom of Being that is our natural state." – Craig Hamilton

Our Spiritual Life is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn podcast directories.

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