Do you know the law of wholeness?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but have you heard of the Law of Wholeness? (What follows is taken from my book Awakening to Wholeness.)

The Law of Wholeness is a universal law that applies to both the physical and spiritual realms because the two are tightly bound together. The Law of Wholeness, when fully explored, goes far beyond such universal principles as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation.

The law, by its nature, is about the whole of existence, holistic consciousness, inclusiveness, healthiness in all aspects, and unity at all levels (such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Wholeness leads to peace, joy, cooperation and collaboration where the opposite of wholeness–fragmentation and separation– leads to dissatisfaction, suffering, and conflict at all levels.

Applying the law of wholeness can help individuals move much more rapidly to successful and fulfilling lives. It can help organizations, businesses, and social groups such as communities, states, and nations to likewise be more successful and provide more unity, abundance, and satisfaction to their constituents and those served.

Wholeness is the quality of being whole as a human being – healthy in body, mind, and spirit, integrated and balanced, and serving one’s purpose.  But we are also parts of greater “wholes” (families, organizations, communities, economies, cultures, ecosystems, the Earth, and the living Universe), and when they are healthy and serving their purpose, our wholeness grows even stronger.

In fact, “wholeness” is the natural state of Universal Consciousness and of the living Universe in which universal consciousness manifests the physical realm of space, time, energy, and matter. Underlying everything that we can see in the universe, there is infinite intelligence and spiritual energy which are the very essence of existence, and especially the essence of all Life.

We are part of One Consciousness. We have never been separate from it except in our erroneous thoughts and beliefs. As we become more aware that we are part of Infinite Being, and as we come to trust it fully, we naturally experience more of the attributes of our intelligent, creative, holistic, and abundant Self.

The Law of Wholeness says that at a fundamental level the Universe itself is conscious; it is creative; it is abundant; and it is holistic. It is a universal law about how the Universe works as observed by spiritual masters who have paid close attention to the deeper nature of one consciousness and to the causes and effects of how human beings interact with the Universe.

But the law can be stated in many different ways, each emphasizing different aspect of universal wholeness. Here I will give you a spiritual version and a practical version.

Spiritual Version of the Law of Wholeness – The more you align and bond your individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness, the more you will share in and experience its qualities of unity, expansiveness, abundance, effortless function, knowing, limitless creation, and divine being.

When I say “the more you will share in and experience its qualities of unity, expansiveness, abundance, effortless function, knowing, limitless creation, and divine being”, I want to be clear that I mean exactly what those words say – you are at your core a divine and infinite being, and even though you are immersed in the less-than-perfect context of human life, you can experience those qualities of divineness by “tuning” your thoughts to your Infinite Self. And as you become more attuned and skilled, and more accepting of yourself (and divine Self), you will experience those qualities to a greater extent.

Practical Version of the Law of Wholeness – The more you develop and support the healthy being and functioning of yourself and the social units and environment of which you are part, the more you will benefit by feeling good, producing effective results from your activities, and having harmonious and productive relationships. (Examples of social units are marriage, family, team, organization, business, community, nation, and mankind.)

This version of the law is more about how to be successful (in the full meaning of the word) in the world on an everyday basis. Think of it this way: The more you promote the healthy functioning of your marriage, family, business, community, nation, and mankind, the more you will experience the benefits of those things in your life. Perhaps you’ve never stopped to think about it this way, but when you examine it, you will clearly see that it is absolutely true.

Whichever of these versions of the Law of Wholeness you prefer, you will benefit to the degree you think about it and practice it in your day-to-day life. The more you intend to be integrated and balanced, the more you will experience what it is to be healthy and whole. And when you support and strengthen the healthy functioning of the larger wholes (social units and environmental systems) around you, you will experience even greater success and happiness than if you just focus on you.

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