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In the New Ways of Being Podcast episode 1, I talked about a number of different levels of awakening, or ways of being, or levels of human consciousness that are possible. I ran through a list of “new ways of being” and provided a summary description. And this post, summarizes these ways of being as a point of reference for people visiting this website.

In the podcast episode, I made it clear that this list was created off the top of my head for purposes of providing examples and providing a rough definition or discussion of these ways of being – but they are not hard definitions, they are arbitrary, they overlap each other, and in actuality, they can be defined in many different ways. But it gives us a starting point to think about ways of being as possibilities. At a future point in time, I will probably refine this list into a more structured and evolved list.

Before diving into the list, several more important points need to be made:

  • These new ways of being represent different levels of consciousness, and generally (loosely) the frequency of vibration or energy, and the level of consciousness, increases as you go down the list.
  • You more fully express your beingness if you reflect that state of consciousness/awareness all of the time. In many cases, we start experiencing a new way of being for only brief periods, and then over time learn to spend more and more time in that state.
  • When enough people expand their levels of consciousness, humanity will evolve to higher levels of existence.
  • Higher states of consciousness and beingness, allow quantum leaps in awareness, understanding, empathy, human relationships, and quality of life. They are also wonderful to feel; they allow us to live more consciously, effectively, and compassionately; and they hold the potential for creating a much better world.
  • New ways of being should be viewed holistically – in terms of body, mind, and spirit. They happen first at the level of consciousness or energy, but they certainly can have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects.

So here is the list of new ways of being that I discussed:

  1. Living more consciously or with expanded awareness. Becoming more aware – of your inner self, your outer self, the world around you, and your relationships to the universe/God, the world as a whole, others – is key to new ways of being. In living more consciously and in each new way of being, you have to expand your awareness and become more aware than you were previously. This usually begins by becoming more aware of specific things or aspects of life and for limited periods of time.
  2. Presence. This is presence as Eckhart Tolle uses the term in his book The Power Now. It means present moment awareness, but also being aware of your state of being – physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually – and being so aware in the present moment that you are not thinking, but rather are in a state of awareness and are connected to your essence, beingness, and true self. This is very powerful.
  3. Being universal love. This is to embody pure, unconditional love for yourself, all beings, the world, the universe, and infinite intelligence/God. Shifting into the state of love, which is unitive, is the most powerful way to shift out of separation and states of fear. And like all of these states of being, we usually start by doing it for short periods, and slowly expand to longer periods of time, and ideally eventually make it habitual and continuous.
  4. Awakened or in the state of awakeness. This means that you are more fully aware than the normal, unconscious person, and it can occur in multiple varieties/kinds or levels of insight. But its classic meaning is that you are aware that you are much more than your body, that your are part of universal consciousness or the divine or beingness, and that you are eternal.
  5. Healing energy awareness or beingness. This is being aware that everything is energy and that everything is interconnected to everything else at some level through energy flows. It means being aware of the energy in our body, mind, and spirit and able to manipulate our energy, and at deeper levels able to manipulate energy at the cellular level and/or at the levels of physical, mental, and spiritual beingness.
  6. Living in the quantum field. In this way of being, you are able to operate at the levels of empowered and creative states of the quantum field. It is very creative in nature. In Deepak Chopra’s terminology, this is connecting to pure potentiality and able to choose among infinite possibilities moment to moment (or at least at certain moments). But it requires a significant level of awakening to trust, or even better to know, that ultimately we create our experience of life.
  7. Divine presence, aka I AM presence. This is when you are truly knowing and being a part of the divine/God, as a full participant in the universe, and as a creator of your own experience. Most true healers at a spiritual or magical level, in terms of healing illnesses or injuries, do their magic at this level.
  8. Oneness. This is being in unity with the divine/God, all people, and all of life – such that you know there is no separation between people, or between you and God, and you see the divine in everyone and everything. We are all part of the one universal consciousness – in body, mind, and spirit – and this way of being occurs when you realize, know, and act at this level of unity. We are all one.
  9. Advanced co-creation. This way of being occurs when divine presence is taken to the deepest level such that magic and miracles happen for you, or you are able to create magic and miracles, and when you have mastery of creating your own experience of life, or when given permission by others, are able to create miracles for them.
  10. Heaven on Earth state of consciousness. We can experience Heaven on Earth if we step into that state of consciousness and create within ourself – within our own experience of life – the ideal way of being that we would consider “heaven on earth”… i.e., pure love and light, peace, harmony, wellbeing, freedom, abundance, joy, beauty, bliss, and a life that flows with ease and grace.
  11. Self-realization. Fully knowing that you are a part of the divine/God and that you create the world around you, and that you live true to that knowing. This is a high-level awakening for most people because we are so conditioned to believe that the world/reality exists as it is, that understanding that we actually participate actively (although it is usually unconsciously) is a huge leap.
  12. Unity consciousness and Unibeing. This way of being, or level of consciousness, takes the knowing that everyone is part of one universal consciousness to a very deep or advanced level. It is experiencing being one with other people as if you are a group consciousness, able to know instantly what others are thinking or experiencing, and able to operate as a singular entity. It requires a WE focus rather than a ME focus. Can you imagine what that would do in solving the world’s problems?
  13. Wholeness. This level of consciousness involves bringing all separation to an end in your experience by fully knowing that you and everything in the world (or the whole universe) is an expression of pure consciousness. Everything is interconnected. Everything is one whole. Deepak Chopra talks about this way of being extensively in his book Metahuman and in much of his other writing and work. You know without any doubt that you are whole, complete, and perfect as you are because you are divine, you are pure consciousness, but you also have a body and mind (which are also aspects of consciousness). And this way of being brings all illusions of separation to an end such that you interact in the world in a totally natural and authentic way. Note – some people use the word wholeness to mean body and mind health, but wholeness relates to everything and, in its fullest sense, it implies the total health of you, the world, and the universe.

I am hoping that this causes you to stop and think about who and what you are, about how you might want to experience new ways of being in the world, and I hope this information makes you want to tune in to the New Ways of Being Podcast on a regular basis.

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