Loving your life and spiritual growth – they go together

Hi friends,

For those of you who are subscribers, you will see more information about my new training program very soon. But I want to let you know that I am changing the name. It was going to be “Spiritual Path to Success”. But because I am broadening my overall focus to address the whole person (which I have been doing all along in my Live Your Success and Wisdom Thoughts posts), the name will now be “Learn to Love Your Life“. I hope you like it.

The content of the course (which you will see outlined soon) will not change at all from what I had previously planned. It is still heavily focused on growing spiritually from the inside out. When you grow that way, you enhance all parts of your life and it translates into more practical success too.

But generally now, I will be talking much more about learning to love your life and being a lover of life. And in order for you to do that, you need to live more consciously (i.e., with more awareness), more on purpose, more in partnership with the Divine, and with greater joy. The course will teach you how to do all of that!

Learning to love your life is very much about spiritual growth as well as growth that can be considered practical/personal growth.

Let me remind you of a quote you have probably heard before that is attributed to the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard De Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We need reminding of this… We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are spiritual beings who have chosen not to remember that fact when coming to this life on earth. So, it may not seem or feel like we are or could be spiritual beings. But we are, for our higher self or soul is firmly rooted in God/universal consciousness. If you have ever had momentary flashes of the divinity behind the scenes in life, you are tapping into your soul (which is the part of you that knows who you really are).

All personal growth is ultimately spiritual growth (or spiritual remembering). If you want a better life, you can do it best by learning to live more consciously. And living more consciously is, at its heart, spiritual in nature – it awakens the spiritual in us.

Learn to love your life, and you will be getting more in touch with your true self.

With love,

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