Money issues and spiritual success

Are money issues your big concern? I can relate because I’ve certainly had my share of money issues. But I’ve learned some things about those, and I want to share them with you…

The big discovery for me was that spiritual growth – the kind that expands your consciousness – can definitely lead to practical success including having more money. It changed my life in very positive ways, and it can happen for you. When you learn to be more conscious, more aware of your thoughts, choices, intentions, and actions, you begin to live life more consciously and creatively. That makes you more effective – and more successful including financially – in both your work and your personal life.

Here are some other lessons I’ve learned:

  • The Universe (God) is more abundant and creative than we know, and it is benevolent. It wants you to experience abundance, but it allows you to choose what you want through your own thoughts and intentions. And, for most of us, that’s the problem. We have a continuous stream of thoughts about money, good and bad, and we tend to have very little focus. We need to focus. We need to decide what we want and hold a strong intention for that with sensory images and feeling.
  • Our beliefs about ourselves and money greatly affect what we can attract. If we believe we are not worthy, we will block our own desires. If we believe that there is not enough money in the world, we will block the flow of money to us. If we believe money is evil, we will block ourselves from receiving money. If we believe attracting money is difficult, it will be difficult. If we believe the odds of surprise money showing up are low, it won’t show up. So we must explore our beliefs and work on changing them from negative/limiting to positive/unlimited. This can be especially difficult for beliefs that we are “programmed with” and not consciously aware of. Choose to change your thinking and beliefs to be more positive, creative, and more giving.
  • You are part of Universal Consciousness, and all parts of it are equally worthy, so believe you are worthy. The world is creating vast amounts of money in every moment, so know that there is enough. Money is a neutral tool for living; it is not evil in and of itself, so know that money can be used for the good of you and others. Know that attracting money is easy if you believe it is. Know that the Universe/God is very capable of miracles, so expect miracles – believe miracles are coming to you.
  • Spirituality and money are not incompatible things, contrary to what many people think. In fact, I believe that the Universe/God wants us to have money and experience an abundant, joyful life. But we must learn to be open to it. If you grow in consciousness (i.e., awareness), you can expect to experience more success because one naturally leads to the other. And expanded consciousness also leads you to wholeness which is a powerful, creative relationship to both the world around you and to universal intelligence/God.
  • Jim Rohn said “To have more you must be more”. Money represents appreciation/value (just as love represents appreciation), so you must increase your value to others, and potentially change your relationship to money, to bring more money into your life. That may mean getting more education or finding a new job that lets you use capabilities that you have but aren’t currently using. Choose to be one who brings value and makes a difference to others. If you are true and congruent in that intention, other people and employers can see that in you.
  • For me, discovering the practice of Seven Spiritual Choices had a very big impact. Focusing on seven key choices for how we relate to the world helped me apply conscious choice-making in a way that was very useful and powerful. Periodically (at least once per day) hold the choices (intention with commitment) of Life, Awareness, Freedom, Love, Expression & Creation, Knowing, and Wholeness.

Finally, I would urge you to open up to your inner capabilities (your higher self/soul) and find that place within you where nothing is impossible. Choose to be centered in abundance and love for both yourself and the world. Choose to believe that you CAN bring more money (and other good things) into your life. Ask God to guide you. And expect miracles.

I hope this helps.

May abundance grow in your being and your life.

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