More Ways to Embrace Life

Following up on my last post, here are several more suggestions for how to embrace life.

Explore Life’s Infinite Possibilities

If you stop and look at the flow of human life in its broadest and with its development over time, you will see that it has infinite variety, creativity, expression, and is full of possibilities. You can see it in the study of history. You can see it by people watching – studying people on the street or at the mall or at the office. You see it in people’s looks, dress, behaviors, actions, interactions, and in the things and conditions they create.

But realize that life in general, and your life too, has infinite possibilities. You make choices, either consciously or unconsciously, about how you want to be, look, act, do, feel, experience, accomplish, and have.

So think about what you want and make choices that will bring those things and those experiences into your life. Remember that life offers infinite possibilities. Visualize what could be for you and dream big. And don’t be too quick to rule out things as being impossible. If you expect miracles, they just might come true for you!

Look for the Good and Not the Bad

For people who see only the bad things in life, it may be that they pay too much attention to the news. The news media knows that what gets people’s attention is the bad news, violence, or controversy, not good news.

So I recommend breaking or minimizing the bad news habit. Don’t watch or read the news; read a good book, listen to good music or motivational audios, or watch educational programs or good movies instead. Or get out in nature, go for a walk, play (really play) with your kids, or make some music or sing, and see how that changes your attitude.

In short, do what helps you experience good feelings in yourself and about yourself, and make those things habits.

Discover the Wholeness of Life

Life is full of interconnectedness. Embracing life requires that you pay attention to the interconnectedness – in your relationships, such as your relationships to other people in your life, and your ability to do good work depending on having good health, and your health depending on the environment and on you managing stress, etc.

You are not disconnected from the world; you are part of the great whole of Life. The more you see Life as a great whole of which you are part, the more you will appreciate wholeness. And know that wholeness goes infinitely deep to interconnections that you cannot see with your eyes.

Embracing life means to know you are part of a greater whole, and more than that, it means choosing to experience the greater whole – in your marriage or love life, your family, your community, mankind, divine union, and Life as a whole. Embracing life, in other words, means going beyond self-centeredness to experiencing interconnectedness through giving and receiving in your relationships and being of service to others through your special talents.

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