Rule #3 Raising Your Spiritual Energy

Are you feeling down, low on energy, grumpy, or not very enthusiastic about life? Are you having negative thoughts about yourself or others? Maybe all of the above?

Well, those are all indicators that you need to raise your spiritual energy. Your higher self/spirit/soul is always seeking to raise your spiritual energy which also directly reflects your level of consciousness and the degree to which you are tapping into your true powerful self. Unfortunately, most of us are not very tuned into our higher self or our spiritual energy.

Raising our spiritual energy also tends to raise our physical energy and vice versa. Don’t you feel more enthusiastic about life when you get some good physical exercise, and especially while doing something that you enjoy?

So learning to raise your spiritual energy is at the very core of spiritual growth. Let’s get started…

Technique #1 is to think positive thoughts. Think about something you love to do and imagine yourself doing it. You will immediately feel better. Think positive thoughts about the people you are interacting with, and you will immediately feel better about them.

Technique #2 is to raise your physical energy. Do something physical. Raise your fist and say “yes”. Get up and walk. Turn up the music and dance. You will feel more energized because you are letting energy flow through you in doing something.

Technique #3 is to choose to be filled with energy. Imagine energy flowing out of nowhere (the unseen quantum field) into every cell of your body. Choose it right now with a very strong intention. Know that it is healing energy, and let energy and love flow outward from your body to the world around you. Know that there is unlimited spiritual energy for you to draw on. You will immediately feel better and more powerful.

Technique #4 is based on knowledge about your energy centers or chakras. If you know nothing about chakras, it requires some training – more than I can cover here, and it is best to have someone guide you through this practice at least one time. But the chakras are in locations in your body near your spine. The root chakra is near your tailbone. The sacral chakra is in your lower abdomen (2 inches below your belly button and near your spine). The solar plexus chakra is at the back of your solar plexus. The heart chakra is what we are referring to when we speak of the “heart” spiritually; it is behind your physical heart and near the spine. The throat chakra is at the base of the throat. The head chakra is in the center of the head, but it has a portal between the eyebrows, so it is often called the “third eye” chakra. The crown chakra is at the crown of the head.

Negative emotions are often held within the body, and they cause constrictions or blockages to the energy flow through the associated chakra. For example, self-hatred or grief may block your heart chakra. Look within your heart and identify what you are feeling. Honor all negative emotions but release them, and choose instead to feel openness in your heart and let forgiveness, love, and gratitude flow freely. In a complete chakra practice, you go within and examine each chakra (going from root upward) for stuck emotions, honor them, release them, let the chakra fully open, and let the chakra be filled with flowing energy. (It helps to know the positive and negative emotions associated with each of the chakras.)

Technique #5 expands on technique #4 and deals with the recognition that each chakra has a different energy level or frequency and has an associated energy body. (Again, it is best to have someone guide you through this practice at least one time.) The root chakra has the lowest frequency and would be visualized as having a red color. When the root chakra is fully open, the red color radiates through your whole body but does not expand far outside of the body. The sacral chakra has a higher frequency visualized as orange in color; when fully open the orange energy radiates through your whole body and extends about a foot outside of your body. The solar plexus chakra has a higher frequency that is yellow; when fully open yellow light fills your body and extends about two feet outside of your body. And so on, with the heart chakra energy being green, throat chakra energy being turquoise, head/third eye chakra being indigo, and the crown chakra has the highest energy frequency of violet color. All energy bodies collectively form a person’s aura.

In this technique which is the energy bodies practice, you go within and visualize each chakra with its associated color, release emotional blockages to energy, let the chakra fully open, let it radiate maximum energy at its frequency (color), and let the energy flow outward filling/forming the energy body of that chakra.

Techniques 1 through 3 can be done very quickly and easily. Techniques 4 and 5 take more time, but can help you clear negative emotions and their energy blockages and maximize your energy.

As you learn to raise your overall spiritual energy to higher and higher levels over time, you will also be raising your level of consciousness, and you will feel and be more and more powerful as time goes on. Your spiritual success will also progress as you reach higher stages in awareness.

Love, RP

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