Spiritual Success

I use the term “spiritual success” to mean practical success that comes from spiritual growth.

That kind of success is what happened to me as I pursued a spiritual path which started out as pure spiritual exploration but ended up focusing on living more consciously. Living consciously means being more aware of one’s self, others, and the world around us, and acting accordingly.

Here’s what I said in the introduction of my ebook called “14 Rules of Spiritual Success”:

What turned out to be the most surprising thing to me was that spiritual growth doesn’t change just the private, spiritual part of you. The spiritual part of you is your essence, your core, and when you develop it and get more in touch with it, you change all of you, including the practical aspects. As a result, you make yourself more successful in every way. In fact, you even change the world around you.

I think that explains spiritual success pretty well. As you grow spiritually, at least if you live more consciously or with more awareness, you become more effective at knowing yourself and interacting with the world. In other words, you become more personally successful – in accepting yourself, finding peace and happiness, relating to others, performing your work more effectively, and paying attention to your health. And those things tend to lead you toward greater financial success, as one might personally define it.

Living consciously causes you to make wholesome choices about loving or accepting the work you do, or doing needed work in service to others, or doing what you really love even if it pays less. So personal success is not necessarily measured in becoming wealthy or having a lofty title. It is about being happy above all and living true to your purpose.

Now in my 14 Rules of Spiritual Success, I talk about the 14 lessons that I learned about spiritual success. Here they are:

  1. Mediate on a regular basis
  2. Develop the habit of conscious choice-making
  3. Practice chakra and other spiritual energy exercises
  4. Get clear about what success means to you
  5. Embrace the flow of life
  6. Be open to intuition and inspiration
  7. Become aware of your experiences moment to moment
  8. Develop spiritual attitudes such as love and forgiveness
  9. Learn about the laws of attraction and wholeness
  10. Clear your limiting beliefs and let go of attachments
  11. Seek guidance from teachers of spiritual success
  12. Advance through the process of awakening
  13. Surrender to a greater power within you
  14. Success is all about serving yourself and others

This is what I said about rule #14:

Last but not least, I want to say that we often start by wanting success, especially in having more money. But as we grow spiritually and take a more spiritual path to success, we will ultimately learn that “success” has a much bigger meaning.

Happiness becomes more and more important. We learn that abundance really means the “abundance of all good things” – not just money, but love, laughter, health, friends, family, fun times, accomplishments, joy, knowledge, and especially doing what we love to do. Spiritual success is very much wholistic – it is about the Whole of Life and having an abundance of all good things for all, not just for some.

And you will find, as I have, that…

I hope that you can see that the 14 rules together define what spiritual success and living consciously are all about. They are also inextricably entwined with love, the “abundance of all good things”, and wholeness (being one with One Consciousness).

I plan to teach these lessons and techniques for developing the needed skills in an LYS program, coming soon, called “Spiritual Path to Success”.

Please read the “14 Rules of Spiritual Success”, and let me know what questions you have, or specific things you would like me to cover in the “Spiritual Path to Success” program.

With love and wholeness,

Raymond Posch

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