Spirituality and Abundance

This post is taken directly from a response I wrote to a reader (in an earlier blog called New Spirit Today) about attracting abundance.

In the past, I certainly have had my struggles in manifesting financial abundance too, so I can relate with anyone else struggling financially. What I found was that my beliefs and emotions on the subject were very deep and layered. I had to deal with my fear of not having enough money (and my fear of failure and my fear of fear) and change my beliefs layer by layer. I had to go inside and change my fear to love. It took time – which was hard because I needed and wanted more money to come right now – but I found that enough help came to get me by, and as my belief in abundance (and in my own worthiness) grew, abundance began to flow to me more easily and rapidly.

Remember these words of Deepak Chopra: “The aim of spirituality is to learn to cooperate with God.” The problem with us humans is that we have forgotten how to cooperate with God (the source of abundance). We have to relearn what is inherently within us but blocked by wrong beliefs.

Begin by knowing deep within yourself that the Universal Intelligence (or God or Source or whichever name you prefer) is infinite and all encompassing. Know it with certainty. Don’t just think it – feel it. You are not separate from that universal intelligence. It wants you to succeed and be joyful because you are part of it. You are manifest in this world so that the Universe can experience life through you. Choose to create a divine, abundance, and joyful life. Meditate, and it the silence feel the flow of love… Love is the emotion humans feel from the flow of that intelligence as it holds all of Life within itself. It is the force of wholeness complete and absolute. It wants all beings in the universe to be whole – healthy in body, mind, spirit, finances, work, relationships – and one with the flow of its creative life force.

Until your knowing grows into the strongest kind of certainty, be careful of telling yourself that you “want money”. When you “want”, you may subconsciously be enforcing want, which always comes from lack, not having. Instead consciously choose to “have” more money now, more abundance now. Feel the feeling of having, and feel (in advance) gratitude to the Universal Intelligence for your having abundance. The more continuously you feel unconditional love and gratitude, the more you open yourself to the flow of good things that the Universe intends for all parts of itself. Suddenly, you will shift from resistance to no resistance. The Universe is infinitely creative and infinitely abundant, and it intends the whole to be abundant – and the whole includes you! Let abundance flow into you and through you!

Also know that the Law of Cause and Effect works at all times. Money is an effect, and the cause that creates money is service to others. Seek to be of service always. Look at your greatest talents, those that bring you joy, and put them to work in service to others. When you give yourself in service that you love doing (which is giving), abundance will flow to you in return.

Spiritual Take-Away: Spirituality and abundance are not incompatible things. The divine Universe – the creative spirit of pure potentiality – is infinitely abundant. If we do not experience abundance in our lives it is because we block ourselves from abundance through beliefs about scarcity and lack and separation from the divine. We must change our beliefs and open ourselves to the Universe’s great abundance. May love, and abundance of all good things, flow to you beginning today!

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