The Intersection of Awakening and Well-Being

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When we talk about awakening and new ways of being in life, we are talking about something that can only be addressed from a holistic perspective. Yes, we’re talking about raising your level of consciousness, but as it turns out, Consciousness is the source of everything, and it is whole and holistic in its very nature.

So awakening and shifting to new ways of being can and should include all aspects of yourself and your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Well-being is a natural part of awakening and evolving to a higher level of consciousness and should not be thought of as something separate.

In the past, spiritual development and awakening were generally viewed as separate and distinct from the practical and physical aspects of life. But that is an old and mistaken idea and perspective. At your core and essence, you are spirit. You are spirit, in truth, because spirit is consciousness. As you develop spiritually, you really develop all parts of you, and you need to view yourself as a unified whole, not a bunch of parts and pieces. The universe itself is a wholeness and an expression of wholeness, as discovered by quantum physicists a hundred years ago.

Additionally, many scientists (but not yet all), most consciousness researchers, and nearly all spiritual explorers like myself have learned that consciousness is primary in the universe. That means that everything physical and non-physical derives from consciousness. Consciousness comes first. Consciousness is the Source and All That Is. Universal consciousness is what religions call God.

At first, thinking about Universal Consciousness as God or All That Is may seem totally abstract and difficult to comprehend. But once you begin to understand how one universal consciousness is primary, and that our “personal” consciousness is a part of that infinite ocean of consciousness, and that consciousness is creative and creates the physical as well as the non-physical, and that the universe, therefore, is one wholeness AND is alive because consciousness is the same as life, and that the One Consciousness is good and desires the experience of life to be good because that is the true expression of wholeness, then you begin to see how the universe and the workings of the universe make complete sense. The universe and God can be understood and related to.

(Yes, I know that sentence above is too long and totally overloaded… BUT it is worth it if you take the time to parse it out, because all of those factors, which I’ve learned are indeed truths, will ultimately help you understand the nature of the universe and why it is the way that it is.)

And especially know this – awakening should not be just the upgrading of spirit but the upgrading of all of you and your well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

Any efforts on your part to awaken, and to learn/acquire new ways of being, will pay off in increased well-being. The only way that it doesn’t for some people is because they don’t understand the bigger picture (described above), and they believe old teachings – like the body is separate from spirit, or health is not related to spiritual beingness (which, in fact, drives all true well-beingness) – and so they work on awakening without letting physical/mental/emotional aspects be automatically improved at the same time as the spiritual aspects. Ouch!

Now, really, when I work on a vision for my next higher level consciousness, I specifically INCLUDE everything that I want in my life at the higher level of consciousness. So, I think about and include and feel in advance states of being like love, peace, harmony, serenity, well-being (all aspects), freedom, kindness, gratitude, creativity, abundance, fulfillment, joy, beauty, bliss, and a life that flows with perfect ease and grace.

So, if you remember that well-being is holistic and includes all aspects of you – body, mind, and spirit – awakening is and should be all about achieving greater well-being. That’s a very good thing, and the goal of awakening should always be a happier, healthier, more abundant you!

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