The power of being

Like the previous post, if you are searching for how to achieve greater personal and spiritual success, study this post too. For that reason, it is the second LYS post that I also published as a Wisdom Thought.


BEING is the most powerful form of holding an intention. It directs the process of creative consciousness through thoughts, feelings, words, and actions – as immediate commands, not simple wishes. As you probably know by now if you have practiced it at all, conscious choice-making is powerful. Being is a powerful form of choosing intentions and a powerful alignment with wholeness and especially with the quantum field where conscious creation is continually unfolding.

Being begins by simply choosing to be the person you wish to become – now and in every moment. Being creates new choices in each moment that align with your new intention for yourself, and it leads you to take actions congruent with the person you wish to be.

Be powerful, creative, abundant, loving, giving, at peace, happy, whole. Be the best version of you. Right now, not sometime in the future.

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