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For everyone who has been wondering why it’s been a while since I posted anything new on this blog, I have to tell you that I’ve had a lot going on in my life. Whew!

For one thing, it’s been a busy time at home and with family. But I’ve also been working heavily on my training program and doing some restructuring of that to make it even more powerful, helpful, and awesome. But I’ve especially done a lot on the communication about the program that you should see in the next day or two if you’re on my email list.

In my spiritual life, I have been experiencing wonderful changes with awakening more fully and receiving more guidance from the Divine (One Consciousness). I’ve also joined an organization that is actively seeking to lead the way in helping humanity become more conscious, and I will be participating in their conscious leadership program. I will be sharing more about all of these things in the coming days and weeks because they will be influencing my direction.

I want to help you awaken and become more spiritually powerful. The world needs people to live more consciously, to live more spiritually successfully. So – much more to come on all of that…

In the meantime, I am sharing below a portion of a chapter from my book on the subject of awakening (with some added editing).


To awaken means to reach higher states of consciousness. At a very practical level, you can awaken to new ideas and greater insights and understanding of yourself and the world around you. But, more importantly, at a spiritual level you can awaken to knowing and experiencing the fact that you are part of the one consciousness and wholeness that is God. A full awakening, or enlightenment, occurs when the experience (and awareness) of oneness with world and God becomes continuous.

When you begin to experience wholeness in yourself, it is an awakening – an awakening to the wholeness that was already there for you to reclaim. You awaken to the experience of self-integration, oneness with One Universal Consciousness (God), and oneness with the whole of Life and with mankind – for me it was in that order, but it may be different for you. And my awakening to ever greater wholeness has been stepwise in a rising spiral in which each circle of awakening takes me higher (in spiritual skill and knowledge) and wider (in breadth and diversity of its application of experience). It comes more quickly if you choose to be awakened now.

First, you begin to experience wholeness or oneness – and specifically greater connection with One Consciousness or God. Next you awaken to more wholeness/oneness. Then you awaken more and experience it more profoundly. Et cetera. [Note – just to be clear, wholeness and oneness are not the same things, although they are strongly related. I can expand on that later if you are interested.]

For me, in each transcendence, it was a greater opening to the experience of Life, a greater knowing of more of the wholeness of existence, and a greater embrace of Life. When you embrace Life, it embraces you. And when you embrace God, God embraces you.

The more I embraced Life in this process of spiritual growth, the less I viewed life as a series of difficulties and struggles as I had before, but instead I now began to know that Life is a flow of choices. It is also a flow of opportunities to share in the infinitely creative process and in the experience of what results. I now see that flow of choices as “Life’s grand adventure” – partnering with God so that God can experience what we have created together.

As one example of this change of perspective, for a long time (multiple years) I struggled with being too tired when I came home from a demanding job as a project manager to do much writing. But I knew that writing a book about wholeness was my first step to bringing my purpose into being. And you, obviously, cannot just think a book into existence.

The law of attraction might bring one job opportunities and learning opportunities, but the creation of a book requires that the author think about the ideas and stories, organize the thoughts and content, and sit down and write the words, put them into a readable sequence, and keep making the book better until it is eventually completed and shared.

What happened for me is that, as I learned more about wholeness and experienced it more and more fully in the process of awakening, I found more and more inspiration, energy, motivation, and purpose flowing through me. My desire to serve my purpose (sharing wholeness with the world) has grown stronger and stronger, and I have used that to organize my days and give myself the ability to sit down, focus, and write.

I channeled my spiritual energy and began to get up before 5:00 am, starting the day with a high-energy walk during which I did meditation and contemplation. When I had inspired ideas to include in or improve sections of the book, I jotted them down to review later. Inspiration came to me often, and I knew it came from One Consciousness. I would then write or edit for 1 to 2 hours most evenings, while listening to empowering music. On the weekends, I was able to write in blocks of 2-4 hours fitted in between household chores and other activities. It was this way that I wrote “Awakening to Wholeness”.

But I also paid attention to my life as a whole (and still do) – spending time with family, doing home repairs if needed or other projects, having some fun with grand kids, making music with my son-in-law, working late on the job if necessary, etc. And I stayed aware of my states of body, mind, and spirit… If I needed to take a night off from writing and instead just relax or go to bed early, that’s what I did.

If directed by an inner knowing to seek out a certain book or audio program – whether it is one I had read/listened to previously or one I’d never seen before – I would (and do) take time to find the book/audio and look or listen for the message it had for me. If it captures and holds my attention, I may take time to study the whole thing, of I may do a quick scan and just pay attention to the particular information/idea that is there waiting for me.

I would say that my life now has a flow to it that is awesome! I have awakened to the fact that I don’t have to do everything the hard way – I have the Universe full of infinite intelligence, knowledge, love, and creativity that I can call on instantly, and I do!

Sometimes I choose to be full of divine grace that fills me with peace and love, gives me the answers, inspiration, and energy I need, and lets me accomplish the task at hand with least effort.

Recently, divine grace – in a flash of transcendence and integration – became a clearer and stronger presence of the Divine within me. And by the way, that was not the Divine suddenly awarding me with more attention, for God is always attentive and present. Rather, it was me learning to stay more open, be more receptive to, and more trusting in the vast awareness, never-ending love, and infinite creativity of the One Consciousness.

I know the Universe is right there to reassure me, guide and assist me, or fill me with healing energy or knowing, and it only takes the simplest recognition of what I need on my part to let it in. After all, I am the Universe (One Consciousness) experiencing life as a human being. And every day I experience and appreciate that fact more deeply.

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